Interactive Digital Signage 2016: Baltimore, Maryland

Interactive digital signage has lately become a common part of our lives. The market is quickly becoming dominated by interactive applications. Interactive technology solutions go far beyond touching a screen, and understanding the full potential of the technology is a must before any investment at your facility is attempted.

This event will give you in-depth look into the latest trends in indoor digital signage and its effective use - from planning a project, through implementation to the content management. This event is a unique opportunity to learn about wayfinding solutions, understand how digital signage can help change the face of your venue as a branding tool. Learn how to create emotional connections with your customers, employees and visitors by creating immersive digital experiences.

Featuring an Exclusive Digital Signage Guided Installation Tour
Digital Signage Guided Installation tour will provide customer-facing views and behind-the-scenes insights of digital signage installations in Baltimore.

Our tour guides will be representing the venues and the technology to be on hand to answer questions and speak about the challenges they have faced in concept, design and implementation of digital signage installation. Also, they will provide insights into the benefits and results of chosen solution.

Visit Baltimore is a state-of-the-art visitor center. New displays housing more than 200 brochures, visitor guides, maps, and coupon books are planned. LED touchscreens will provide visitor information about attractions, museums, restaurants and lodging, including way finding

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