Innovasic and Intrepid Control Systems join AVnu Alliance

Global suppliers of AVB/TSN supported tools and technology join AVnu Alliance

Beaverton, OR - May 25, 2016 - AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards deterministic networking through certification, welcomes Innovasic, Inc. and Intrepid Control Systems as an expansion of both the industrial and automotive market segments represented within the organization.

Albuquerque, NM-based Innovasic is a supplier of silicon and software solutions in the industrial automation, transportation, instrumentation, automotive, and medical industries. Innovasic also supplies extended-life processors, peripherals, ASICs and mixed-signal devices for embedded communication and control. Innovasic has established a world-class reputation for supplying integrated circuits to customers with long life-cycle product requirements.

"Innovasic has a rich history with communication protocols, especially with respect to embedding protocols into real-time solutions", says CTO Jordon Woods. "We are excited about joining AVnu Alliance and contributing to the success of Ethernet and Time Sensitive Networks."

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Intrepid Control Systems is a supplier of testing, logging and simulation tools for vehicle networks. The company specializes in high-tech software and electronics engineering, with a focus on automated PC-based measurement and control.

"Intrepid Control Systems is excited to join the AVnu Alliance as we expand the Automotive Ethernet capabilities within our vehicle network tools, including Vehicle Spy software and the RAD-Galaxy multi active tap," says VP of Business Development Colt Correa. "We are especially looking forward to working within AVnu Alliance on the most advanced Ethernet time-sensitive networking features, such as frame preemption."

"We are happy and excited to have these two companies join a growing community of experts in industrial and automotive time sensitive networking. Intrepid Control Systems brings extensive experience with in-vehicle networks along with Innovasic, who also has expertise in industrial control systems. We look forward to the knowledge and support they can bring to the alliance," said Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance President.

The addition of Innovasic and Intrepid Control Systems represent the growing interest in AVB/TSN and AVnu certification across the industrial and automotive markets, as new capabilities arise in connected car production and the industrial Internet of Things.

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