The Future Of Water Heating is here - Its time to Smarten up your Water Heating Tank

Pre-Orders are available at our website!

Steam enables homeowners and businesses to efficiently manage heating their water by making their water heating tank a Samrt water heating tank. It is a retro fit solution that will install on your existing hot water tank or a new tank you purchase. 15%-20% of energy bills are spent heating water. It is inefficient because many people turn their tank on and leave it on.

Steam enables homeowners to schedule and control their hot water through the app, check and set temperature and the amount of hot water left in the tank. With scheduling it enables users to set their tanks to heat to suit their usage and during low rate hours and avoid higher electricity costs. All these features help users' gain significant savings over time and our current estimates suggest a $200 investment in Steam will pay for itself in around a year after purchase, for a standard 3 bed house. This does depend on usage patterns and how many people are living in the house which may extend the time it takes to pay for itself.
Q: Is Steam compatible with all hot water tanks?
A: Yes when our first production unit, Steam ONE is released later this year it will be fully compatible with the majority of Electric and Gas powered hot water tanks on the market. If anyone is in doubt they can email their tank model and we will confirm.

Q: How do you connect Steam to the hot water tank, both physically and from a home automation stand-point where users can control the product from their smart phone or tablet?
A: Setting up Steam is a very simple process that takes around 10 minutes. We recommend having an electrician to take care of the wiring. It involves attaching the Steam Unit to the tank via velcro or magnet strips which are all supplied, connecting power from the tank to the Unit and connecting the sensors.

When this is done you download the app, sign in, add your tank and that's it, ready to use!

Q: How much does Steam really aid homes in becoming more environmentally friendly?
A: With 15%-20% of energy bills spent heating hot water, Steam has the potential to drastically cut those bills over time. When enough Steam units are installed in a region like North America it has the potential to really make a difference in helping cut CO2 emissions. Additionally, by spreading the energy required for heating to off peak times it alleviates demand from the grid.

Q: What other features does Steam have?
It also features leak detection functionality, where it will alert you via notification to your device if water is detected around the base of the tank or anywhere on the floor where it is located. We also plan to incorporate learning usage habits over time and give recommendations to users.

Q: Where can I order a Steam unit?
A: We currently have Steam ONE available on a limited Pre-Order for $99, a 50% discount. We see this as an excellent return on investment for those making the purchase because as soon as it is installed it begins to pay for itself.

We also have a promotion where we knock $10 off the purchase price for every referral who also purchases Steam. This will work by the buyer sending us the email addresses of their referrals and as soon as they purchase we will issue them a coupon with their discount. If they get 10 referrals, they get it free!

Pre-Orders are available at our website!

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