Skylink Group Introduces ATOMS™ Innovative Garage Door Opener

The SkylinkNet App provides Smartphone Connectivity and Advanced Features. The New ATOMS Garage Door Opener is available in both new installation and replacement unit kits. Replacing only the head for less than the cost of two remote controls, is a cost effective and time saving solution.

TORONTO, March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Skylink Group has announced the release of ATOMS Garage Door Opener to deliver an energy-efficient, durable and economical option for the professional and retail markets.

"We are very excited to announce this highly innovative Garage Door Opener, ATOMS," said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink Group. "The use of durable and light-weight materials with a compact design achieves an unrivaled performance. It is a major breakthrough in the garage door opener market."

ATOMS was designed and built with features that optimize operational efficiency. The energy saving LED light eliminates the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs. ATOMS utilized a powerful and quiet DC motor to silence the motorized operations. The automatic door closing feature will close the garage door after a set period of time giving busy homeowners peace-of-mind that their garage door is safely shut. "The increased level of automation and the expandability will elevate customer satisfaction with their ATOMS garage door opener purchase." Gallen Tsui, Sales Director of Skylink Group. Skylink's expandable system allows the homeowner to monitor and control their garage door, home alarm system and home automation systems with a single easy-to-use App for iOS and Android.

After decades in the industry, ATOMS' release will further strengthen Skylink's products lines and commitment to technological advancements. Skylink has been collecting feedback from their garage door dealers and installers to implement an enhanced design and competence level for ATOMS.

"ATOMS was carefully and strategically designed to be suitable for both professional and retail markets by offering solid (pro.) and sectional (retail) rails. Throughout our testing phase, professionals described ATOMS as economical to store and transport because of the compact and lightweight design. These features transfer directly to the retail market as well. The lighter garage door opener enhances Skylink's effortless DIY installation," said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink Group. "Furthermore, we are excited to replace the last generation of bulky and noisy garage door openers. As ATOMS' head is universally compatible, customers can conveniently replace their existing head with ATOMS' without the hassle of reinstalling their existing rail and safety sensors. It's going to save them a lot of time and money."

ATOMS is currently available for pre-order starting at just $69.95 USD MSRP.

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