Indiegogo - MoodBox, the First Ever High Quality Wireless Speaker that Senses Human Emotions, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

MoodBox and its companion app use emotional intelligence to help understand users’ feelings and manage stress. MoodBox creates a personal playlist and ambience based on how its owner is feeling.

MoodBox, the high quality wireless speaker with 360 degree Omni-directional sound, today launched the world's first emotionally intelligent speaker.

The revolutionary wireless and Bluetooth enabled, voice controlled Hi-Fi speaker with emotion and mood recognition capabilities is now available with early bird discounts on Indiegogo.
"We are bringing the latest R&D in speech, music and emotion recognition technology to people's lives," explains creator Pascale Fung, PhD. "When you speak to MoodBox, the predictive engine delineates emotional state from tone of voice and content of speech."
The MoodBox speaker operates with cutting edge sensory recognition technology named "Emi". Emi constantly collects and analyzes audio signals and music lyrics to provide efficient retrieval of millions of songs by genres, styles, mood, and artist. Emi not only converses, but also suggests appropriate music, adjusts the lighting to music, reports on weather conditions, and offers wake-up calls.
Research shows that individuals with greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence are happier and more effective at work and successful in relationships.
"If you are having recurring rainy days, or Monday blues, or feeling a lack of energy or inspiration at the office, MoodBox knows," added Fung. "Our MoodBox app provides a complete analysis showing mood fluctuations based on what you have been listening to, what you have been saying and how you having been saying it. It also takes into consideration factors like the weather or the time of day, week or month."
MoodBox Features Include:
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled
Voice Controlled
Multi-Lingual. Understands Mandarin Chinese and English speakers with American, British, Indian and Australian accents
Available in two styles: Classic and Premium
For more information and to pre-order MoodBox, visit:
About MoodBox/ iVo Technologies:
iVo Technologies was founded in 2014 by HKUST students, alumni with professor Dr. Pascale Fung. iVo builds intelligent machines that are more empathetic - robots that can recognize your emotion and intent and respond accordingly. iVo's first product, MoodBox, is an emotionally intelligent wireless speaker that can sense your emotions and empathize with your feelings by sharing music and light that caters to your different moods.
It is also aware of the time of the day, the weather, and the music that you have been listening to and uses machine learning to learn how you listen to music on the device and what music you listen to. You can control the device using voice commands. Voice commands in English and Mandarin are currently supported.
MoodBox is also a thermostat for your mood, having the ability to extract features from your voice to detect mood from what you say to the device and how you say it. By keeping a diary of your moods, you can easily find out if your job, your family, the day of the week or the weather influences your mood & why.
Pascale, a world leader in Artificial Intelligence research and technology has been recognized by The Scientific American, The World Economic Forum and by industry leaders worldwide for her advancements in this field. Pascale is a fellow of the IEEE and the ISCA. She is also a former member of technical stall at AT&T Bell Labs.

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