Faster Internet for the Home - Askey Computer Corporation and Swisscom Innovations partner to launch a revolutionary new DSL+LTE Bonding Solution.

Askey launches a groundbreaking DSL+LTE Bonding Solution. Very easy to self-install and hassle-free to use, this jointly developed Solution with Swisscom Innovations, Switzerland, allows Operators and Internet Service Providers to boost their copper-line customers' Internet connection.

Faster Internet for the home - Askey Computer Corporation and Swisscom Innovations partner to launch a revolutionary new DSL+LTE Bonding Solution.

New Internet applications and an increasing number of networked devices call for ever higher bandwidths. In order to satisfy those demands, Askey has partnered with Swisscom Innovations to introduce a brand new, jointly developed DSL+LTE Bonding Product to the market.
Wide-ranging streaming packages, HD-quality videos and new cloud services are just a few of the reasons why customers are requesting ever higher bandwidths. Today for example, the data volume on Swisscom's fixed network is already doubling every 16 months. To keep pace with this trend, operators are rapidly expanding their networks and are requesting innovative network technologies such as DSL+LTE Bonding. This technology combines the bandwidths of fixed-line and mobile networks, thereby allowing customers to benefit from a higher speed.
Together with Swisscom Innovations, Askey has developed an innovative Cat. 6 LTE receiver that picks up the mobile data stream and passes it on via 4x4 802.11ac WLAN technology to the DSL router. The advantage of this new solution is that - for the first time - it can be installed by customers themselves, even if they possess no technical knowledge.
This makes DSL+LTE Bonding affordable and mass-market ready. It is based on Multipath TCP and can be used to boost Internet speed for numerous applications.
Askey offers Operators and Internet Service Providers a total solution, scalable to met their requirements. The Integration of the Bonding Software in the Operator's router is simple and Askey - as an experienced manufacturer of Gateways - offers the support and the software modules that will make this integration as simple as possible.
"This collaboration between Swisscom Innovations and Askey has enabled us to launch a product that is Customer-Centric from the very beginning. And thanks to the new antenna solution that has been developed and patented by Swisscom Innovations, LTE reception issues are solved and even customers who have bad LTE indoor reception can benefit from this unique solution", said Robert Lin, CEO Askey.
"The objective of Swisscom Innovations is to offer more bandwidth to each and every customer. This partnership with Askey is a commendable example of how high agility and openness for new cooperation models allow to make products market-ready in a very short time," said Egon Steinkasserer, Head of Swisscom Innovations.
The new DSL+LTE Bonding Solution will be presented for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22-25 February 2016) at the Askey Booth 5F11, Hall 5.

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Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecom provider and one of its foremost IT companies, headquartered in Worblaufen, close to the capital city, Bern. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom offers broadband Internet in Italy with Fastweb. Around 21,600 employees achieve annual revenues of approx. CHF 11.7 billion annually (2015). Swisscom is one the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe. For more information, please visit:

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