ISE 16 - In ISE Booth 5-U72, Procella Audio Features 11.4.11 Channel Immersive 3D Audio System with Trinnov Audio, Artnovion and Image Screens

-Procella, Trinnov Audio, Artnovion, and Image Screens to demonstrate 11.4.11 channel immersive audio system in custom-built home theatre on booth 5-U72 - Procella to provide 22 loudspeakers and 4 subwoofers; Trinnov Audio to provide Altitude32 processor and Amplitude 8 power amplifiers; Artnovion to provide room design and acoustical treatment; Image Screens to provide acoustically transparent screen - System is equally proficient at playback of Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X® formats

Amsterdam, Netherlands and Stockholm, Sweden - February 3, 2016 - Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-definition speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced its plans today for the Integrated Systems Expo show in Amsterdam. In a custom-built sound room, Procella and partners Trinnov Audio, Artnovion, and Image Screens will showcase the most advanced immersive audio system at the show - a full 11.4.11 channel system capable of Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X® playback.

Due to the number of high-performance Procella loudspeakers used and the higher spatial resolution provided by the superior decoding capabilities of the Trinnov Altitude32, this system is designed to rival the immersive qualities of the finest cinemas and dubbing stages. 23 playback channels and 26 Procella loudspeakers will be used, including L/C/Rs, eleven ceiling-mounted overhead speakers, two front wides, six surrounds, and four subwoofers.

"In cooperation with Trinnov and by using their Altitude processor, we are utilizing a speaker layout that is equally proficient at reproducing all three immersive 3D audio formats," stated Chuck Back, partner of Procella Audio. "We're excited to be able to showcase our loudspeakers with the very latest technologies for EMEA integrators, press and enthusiasts. We're very pleased to be working once again with Trinnov and look forward to working with great partners like Artnovion and Image Screens."

Procella P815 speakers mounted in a baffle wall will be used for the left, center and right channels, and the new Procella P5 speaker will be used for all surround and overhead channels. A single P18 active subwoofer will be paired with three P12 active subs used for low-frequency balancing.

Decoding of Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X will be provided by the Trinnov Altitude32. The only processor available today that can support up to 32 channels for Atmos, it also supports Auro-3D and will be enabled at the show with the latest immersive audio format - DTS:X. Amplification will be by Trinnov's new power amplifier, the Amplitude8. This ultra-high-
performance class-D 8-channel amplifier delivers 225W into 8 Ohms, 375W into 4 Ohms and 500W into 2 Ohms for effortless playback with maximum dynamic range.

Completing this state-of-the-art theater presentation are partners Artnovion and Image Screens. Artnovion is providing the room aesthetic and acoustic design, as well as providing the room acoustical treatments. Image Screens is providing the acoustically transparent projection screen, enabling use of a baffle wall with the L/C/R speakers placed ideally for cinema playback.

About Procella Audio
Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl, who created the first Procella speaker system for the DTS 32 seat preview theater outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world's finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms. For more information, please visit

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