ISE 2016 - New Pakedge AV Router Boasts Gigabit LAN/WAN Speed

Addresses need for speed in Custom AV channel

Pakedge Device & Software, the market leader in high performance networks designed for the AV industry, has launched the truly Gigabit RK-1 router. Purpose-designed to handle Gigabit service and sophisticated multimedia applications, the RK-1 is fully capable of meeting these significant challenges with enterprise-grade reliability.

"In a world where 4K content is increasing, where there are multiple HD streaming services, data hungry AV devices and ‘Internet of Things' appliances impacting every day on the home and business, integrators need network equipment they can rely on to manage this growing traffic effectively," says Benson Chan, Vice President of Business Development at Pakedge. "The LAN/WAN speeds on our new router is averaging just above 900 Mbps, making it more than equipped to meet data demand both now and in the future. The RK-1 is an enterprise grade router that's set to take the network to another level."

This new Gigabit, multimedia router has 5 LAN ports, 2 WAN ports and well as a console port and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Built with best-in-class components and a dual core processor for increased CPU speed, the RK-1 offers lightning fast performance. This router is perfect for managing simultaneous streams of high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic including 4K and HD video, uncompressed audio, running Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones services, streaming video camera feeds and supporting other automation control system applications.

An integrators dream, the RK-1 was built to ensure a fast and easy set up. Connect+ certified, the new router boasts Pakedge's intuitive and simple management interface and intelligence features. For example, preconfigured Pakedge Zones™ simplify notoriously difficult VLAN setup and allow installers to easily segment voice, video, and data traffic onto distinct sub-networks allowing diverse traffic types to be processed more efficiently and eliminate system conflicts. On a Pakedge network, Pakedge Zones propagate from the router, to the switch, and down to the AP and connected devices so that even a network with VLANs could be setup in mere minutes.

Additionally, the RK-1 incorporates an array of other multimedia traffic management features. These include Pakedge TruStream™ technology that distinguishes and prioritizes the processing of latency-sensitive traffic (e.g. VoIP traffic, streaming video) from other traffic, and IGMP snooping that facilitates the proper operation of multicast media streaming devices within the network.

The RK-1 is eligible for Pakedge's Custom Engineering program, which burns integrator's preferred configurations into the firmware. This means preferred out-of-the-box functionality and configuration. Integrator can still make configuration tweaks on a customised wireless, but can revert back to their own preferred customization by hitting the factory default button. This essentially condenses their best system integrator's knowledge and experience directly into the devices. The Pakedge Custom Engineering is intended to help dealers scale their business and profit more effectively by improving efficiency. By spending less time customizing configurations on individual devices, Pakedge's Custom Engineering program allows dealers to make better use of staffing and time.

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