CES 16 - GreenPeak Family@Home Solution Transforms the Smart House into a Smart Home

The first application that combines the best of Family Lifestyle monitoring with Smart Home services that provides peace of mind for busy families

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At CES 2016 GreenPeak Technologies, the world leading low power RF semiconductor company for Smart Home and IoT connectivity, will unveil and demonstrate the new Family@Home application.

The Family@Home system, currently being tested by the world's largest service providers, combines cloud intelligence, wireless connectivity and battery-powered sensors to keep an eye on your home - your most valuable asset - and your family and loved ones, providing peace of mind, comfort and security for today's busy working families.

Are your children home from school at the expected time? Did you leave the back door open when you went to work? Is the family pet safely inside the house? Did you leave the air conditioner on with the window open? Is the bath overflowing or is the washing machine leaking? Did you miss the weather forecast, and leave your windows open? These are the kinds of questions that the new GreenPeak Family@Home lifestyle application pro-actively addresses.

The Family@Home application is based on a self-learning algorithm with behavior pattern recognition. No rule-based programming is required and exceptions are automatically reported. Family@Home provides intelligent status updates in a dashboard app and generates alerts when something unexpected happens at home or with family members.

This new smart service combines sensors for monitoring family activities with a variety of automated home applications like temperature and climate control, home monitoring, lighting systems, appliance control, intruder detection, etc. One system does it all. Users no longer need to switch from one app to another - everything is combined and accessible via a smart phone or tablet. In addition, this new solution can incorporate sensing and geolocation technology from key fobs, door contacts, smart phones and occupancy sensors, to provide a larger understanding of where family members are, what they are doing and when they will be home.

"The tech industry has been telling consumers that they need a Smart Home but, up until now, all they are being offered are connected devices - creating a ‘house with sensors'", says Cees Links, CEO and Founder of GreenPeak Technologies. "Consumers don't want connected things - they want smart applications that take care of their family and their home. That is why GreenPeak is working with the world's leading service providers to transform a "house with sensors" into the "Smart Home" - an affordable, peace of mind solution that takes care of the home and the people who live in it - making sure that their lives are safe, comfortable and efficient. Worry less, care more."

The Family@Home application is a complete system-level reference design for a total end-to-end solution that allows MSOs (telecom operators and cable providers) to complement their current business offerings with additional services related to the Smart Home. MSOs need to be able to offer services that are robust, virtually maintenance free, low cost and easy to install.

The Family@Home reference design is a complete system that includes secure wireless connectivity, a variety of sensors and Sensara's cloud based algorithm, analytics, and interfaces to an MSO billing and support system. It can be adjusted and branded in compliance with the needs of the MSOs' business and market requirements. MSOs will be able to offer new and additional Smart Home subscriptions at a low initial cost with an attractive monthly fee. This will accelerate the consumer acceptance and at the same time increase the ARPU (average revenue per user) of the MSOs.

For more detailed information, please refer to GreenPeak's white paper on Family@Home: www.greenpeak.com/Family

GreenPeak Technologies at CES 2016
To learn more about our innovative solutions and live demonstrations of Family Lifestyle applications, please visit the GreenPeak booth at CES (Sands Expo - booth 70923) - or make an appointment with our sales team - Tel +1 (916) 812-5788.

About GreenPeak Technologies
GreenPeak Technologies is an award winning fabless semiconductor/system company and the world recognized leader in the IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee market with a rich offering of semiconductor products and software technologies for Smart Home data communications and the IoT.
The GreenPeak founders have significantly contributed to the invention of WiFi and are responsible for it being a commercial success used by billions of people worldwide today. GreenPeak is recognized as a leader in developing new wireless technologies for consumer electronics and Smart Home applications, demonstrating rapid growth and adoption by major customers. GreenPeak is privately funded. It is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, China, France, India, Korea and USA.
For more information, please visit www.greenpeak.com.

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