CES 16 - Nortek Security & Control Launches Irrigation Controller, Water Flow and Flood Detector at CES 2016

With water conservation and convenience, plus home safety and protection as top priorities, the GoControl water solutions bring new smart home options to homeowners.

Carlsbad, CA — December 17, 2015 — Nortek Security & Control LLC, a Nortek Company (NASDAQ: NTK) and a leader in the security and smart home markets, expands the GoControl® line of smart home devices with three new water control and monitoring products: the GoControl® Smart Irrigation Controller, GoControl® Smart Flow Detector, and the GoControl® Smart Flood Detector.

"Our new water solutions extend our smart home offerings and provide resource conservation, flood and leak warnings and protection from potential home damage - high priorities for consumers buying smart home products," said Rob Halligan, group vice president of marketing, Nortek Security & Control. "The GoControl water solutions serve as a way to deliver important functionality to the smart home experience when added with other GoControl automation and security products."

GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller
The new GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller is an innovative smart home device for simple, yet precise landscape irrigation management and water conservation. The first Z-Wave wireless irrigation controller, the GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller was designed as a replacement system for outdated, standard irrigation controllers. With support for up to 15 zones, homeowners can individually manage and limit water usage on specific zones of their property based on watering restrictions or establishing new plantings. The GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller analyzes local forecasted weather data that can be used to adjust irrigation settings in real time, and depending on the recent rain fall level, override an existing watering schedule to conserve water. The GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller can be easily installed and connected to any Z-Wave hub for quick programming, management and control of the homeowner's irrigation system. MSRP: $139.95.

"Water damage is one of the most common forms of home insurance claims costing billions in damages annually," said Halligan. "We're enthusiastic about adding GoControl products such as the Smart Flood Detector and Smart Flow Detector to our GoControl line, because they will better equip homeowners to prevent damage to their homes."

GoControl Smart Flood Detector
The GoControl Smart Flood Detector is the ideal solution for homeowners looking to receive an alert when water, or an unusually high level of moisture has been detected. Unlike "water-bug" type flood detectors, the water-detecting probe of the GoControl Smart Flood Detector can be placed in hard-to-reach areas such as under a sink, dish washer, refrigerator, or washing machine leaving the transmitter unobstructed. This ensures that if water is detected, a clear signal is sent to the Z-Wave hub and triggers an alert to the homeowner's smartphone. With product longevity in mind, the GoControl Smart Flood Detector was purposely designed to be non-sacrificial - even if the water-detecting probe is submerged, the transmitter can continue to function.

The dual-position sensor can be mounted vertically on a wall or horizontally on the floor depending on the intended use function; a CR123 battery can power the flood sensor for upwards of two years. Mounted vertically, the GoControl Smart Flood Detector can easily be affixed to any wall in a basement to alert homeowners if water reaches a certain level, giving them precious time to react and address the problematic leak or flood before extensive, permanent, and costly damage is done. MSRP: $49.95.

GoControl Smart Flow Detector
The GoControl Smart Flow Detector allows homeowners a simple solution to detect a water leak from a plumbing failure before it becomes damaging. Easily attached to a copper water pipe, the Smart Flow Detector does not require a plumber or pipes to be cut to be installed, and will send alerts to the homeowner's smartphone when water has been flowing for longer than their pre-determined parameters. With configurable notifications ranging anywhere from 10 to 240 minutes, homeowners can define the alerts they receive. A unique addition to the GoControl ecosystem, the Smart Flow Detector easily connects to any Z-Wave smart home hub for remote connectivity. MSRP: $149.95.

"Our new collection of smart water products gives homeowners the ability to confidently monitor, control, and most importantly, act upon water-related misfortunes such as a leak or flood before they turn into full-scale catastrophes," said Halligan.

All new GoControl products include the Z-Wave 500 Series chip and will have Z-Wave Plus™ certification. The GoControl portfolio will be on display at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in the Nortek Security & Control booth #70936 (Sands) and the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion booth #21000 (South Hall).

For more information about GoControl, please visit http://www.nortekcontrol.com/gocontrol/.

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