Global Top Selling HD Home Camera Now Available in Official U.S. Edition

YI Home Camera’s Superior Control, Value and Flexibility Now Available Exclusively Through in Time for Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO--YI, the imaging technology company and maker of a successful line of cameras, announced today that its YI Home Camera is now available for the first time in a limited release version exclusively for the United States through Amazon for $59.95. The YI Home Camera is a powerful, user-friendly, high-definition, connected security camera that allows anyone to easily view and quickly share important moments when at home or away with real-time streaming to a smartphone.

At less than $60 per camera, users can purchase as many as three YI Home Cameras to cover multiple rooms, at the price of just one competitor's camera. The YI Home Camera also does not require a monthly subscription fee. An accompanying iOS and Android app called YI Home Camera offers access to uninterrupted, live footage of the home and sends activity alerts about any unusual motion detected activity. The YI Home Camera offers the ultimate level of consumer privacy as the footage is entirely owned by the user and captured and stored on a micro SD card. The content can also be accessed through the YI Home Camera app.

"As the world's top selling home security HD camera, we are happy to expand our offering to the U.S. market," said Ye Song, co-founder, YI. "The Internet of Things is growing exponentially and the connected home market is exploding but many home cameras on the market today require an expensive monthly subscription and manufacturers store users' personal video footage. With the YI Home Camera, users are entirely in control of their personal files and only need to make a one-time purchase. From keeping an eye on pets, the babysitter, or a small business while away, the potential uses for affordable home cameras are wide reaching."

The YI Home Camera offers the ability to view moments in exceptional detail with an all-glass, 111º wide angle lens, four times digital zoom and high-definition quality at 720p clarity. It can see in the dark with "non-invasive" 940mm infrared LED night vision and includes high-accuracy motion detection technology, which can be customized to send smartphone alerts only when the user wants them.

Other features of the YI Home Camera include the ability to pan, zoom, and capture action from all different vantage points remotely with the corresponding intuitive phone app and gyroscope support. In addition to passive monitoring, the YI Home Camera is also Wi-Fi enabled offering crystal clear, two-way audio. A fully indexed video and audio content feature keeps moments organized for easy access and multi-camera management offers the ability to simply extend coverage to more than one room in the home or business.

The YI Home Camera announcement comes on the heels of the launch of the YI Action Camera, a powerful and portable video camera that allows anyone to capture his or her adventures in breathtaking color and clarity.

About YI
YI is an imaging technology company that is committed to making cameras and accessories that real people use for real life—and all of the surprises it brings. Its products, including an action camera and home camera, offer high performance features and quality with an affordable price tag. In China, YI is part of the Xiaomi family - it is a minority investor in YI and a channel partner in China. For more information visit, and to purchase visit

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