It’s Curtains for the Competition with Seymour-Screen Excellence’s 4-Way Acoustically Transparent Masking Film Screen System

A finely-engineered, independently controlled 4-way masking system incorporating premium materials -- developed by Seymour-Screen Excellence Managing Director Chris Seymour -- the TAM-4 is the most sophisticated of its type, making the perfect acoustically transparent solution for today's most demanding home theaters and screening rooms

Ames, IA - December 10, 2015 - Seymour-Screen Excellence -- the made-in-the-USA brand best known for its luxurious, reference-grade acoustically transparent 4K film screens, tapped the 2015 CEDIA Expo to unveil its long-awaited TAM-4: a 4-way, constant-area True Aspect Masking (TAM) acoustically transparent (AT) film screen.

A fixed-frame design available to date with either vertical (constant height) or horizontal (constant width) motorized AT masking, the company's TAM models continue to be sought after solutions by home theater integrators. The offerings are unparalleled in the front projection category for their Enlightor-4K woven-fabric AT screen surfaces, AT masks and narrow 3.8-inch profile frame bezels finished in lush velvet.

According to Seymour-Screen Excellence Managing Director Chris Seymour, typically customers pay a huge price (penalty) for 4-way masking screens, namely oversized frames are used to accommodate the many motorized masking panel assemblies. This results in bulky looking screens and loss of valuable image area. Conversely, Seymour designed the TAM-4 around the same 3.8-inch wide and 5.8-inch depth frame used in the company's 2-way TAM screens, quite an achievement for a system that incorporates both top/bottom (horizontal) and side (vertical) masks - or even 2-way masking systems, for that matter.

"By shrinking the mechanical borders, the TAM-4 maximizes the 4K screen image area and minimizes the mechanical non-AT margins," says Seymour. "The native 2.07 aspect ratio enables the TAM-4 to display the exact same image area for content from 16:9 to 2.40 ratios. The motorized acoustically transparent masks are continuously variable and independently controlled. The end-result is more picture and better sound."

About Seymour-Screen Excellence
Founded in 2010 as a joint venture by US-based Seymour AV and UK-based Screen Excellence, SSE combines the leadership and innovation of their acoustically transparent projection screen materials for high-end custom installers and specialty AV retailers in North America. Using the latest in materials and design from Patrice Congard, originator of the modern acoustically transparent screen, the company's state-of-the-art screens provide flawless picture quality and acoustic transparency, superior to traditional perforated screens or other less exacting woven screen materials.

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