iSmart Alarm, Inc. Is Revolutionizing the Smart Home with the Launch of Spot – The Coolest Smart Home Camera Ever

Spot offers all the features of a smart home camera, with new and innovative features never seen before. Spot gives users the ability to know when their smoke or carbon monoxide monitors are triggered, record and store video for free in the Cloud and local MicroSD card, create and share custom Time Lapse videos, and much much more.

Sunnyvale, CA November 18, 2015 -- The iSmartAlarm team has announced their newest family member - Spot. Spot is a smart home camera, but way more than that. Spot is a new way to monitor a home - Easy to use, packed with capabilities, and affordable. Spot is a user's eyes, ears, mouthpiece, new friend, watchdog, and link to their home.

Spot introduces amazing new features never seen before in smart home cameras - Sound Recognition (with the ability to identify and notify users when carbon monoxide and smoke alarm sirens are detected), Time Lapse custom videos, and a simple setup (with voice-guided walkthrough) in less than 3 minutes. With the magnetic base plate for wall mounting and twistable, turnable, expandable legs, Spot can capture any angle of a home.

Spot (of course) includes all of the features and options users expect in a home camera in an awesome little package - Night vision, HD resolution streaming video, motion detection, audio detection, local video storage (up to 64 GB Micro SD) and free cloud video storage, app controls and visibility for iPhone and Android, Wi-Fi connection, 4x zoom, and 2-way audio.

Spot is designed to work as a stand-alone Wi-Fi smart home and security camera, and can also be linked with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System. Spot provides comprehensive visibility with no monthly fees and no contracts. Just plug in the power cable and users are all set. The Spot Pre-Sale campaign on Indiegogo, beginning Wednesday, November 18, and running through the month of December, offers significant discounts to contributors in multiple packages. The Earliest Early Bird contributors can receive Spot for only $39. With a 10-pack of Spots, customers can save over $500 off MSRP!

iSmart Alarm, Inc. is no stranger to the crowdfunding world. In January 2013, the iSmartAlarm Home Security System was launched on Indiegogo and went on to close at over 450% of their goal raised by 1,600 contributors and customers, making the iSmartAlarm the 7th most funded technology project at the time. In 2014, they launched the iCamera keep, raising the bar by introducing a motorized pan-tilt security camera with free video recording and storage.

"Spot is groundbreaking in terms of price versus performance," Raymond Meng, CEO and Co-Founder of iSmart Alarm, Inc. said. "With the amazing features and flexibility and ease-of-use, we think Spot is the best smart home camera ever."

About iSmart Alarm, Inc.
iSmart Alarm, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. We are pioneers and leaders in the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system industry, with rave reviews from CNET, Digital Trends, PC Mag, and others. The sleek, easy-to-use system utilizes a smartphone and tablet app to put home security and home control in the palm of its users' hands.

iSmartAlarm products have won national and international awards including the CEA Mark of Excellence, Red Dot Product Design Award, and PC Mag's Editor's Choice Awards. The iSmartAlarm Home Security System was featured in Coldwell Banker's "25 Smart Home Technologies that Matter Most to Home Buyers." iSmartAlarm products are sold nationally and internationally in Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, Apple Stores online, and many more locations.

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