grandPad Partners with Revolve Robotics To Deliver Remote Care for Seniors

Companies will demonstrate powerful grandPad on Kubi Integration at Aging 2.0 Conference, November 19-20 in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA November 18, 2015 -- grandPad, creator of the first digital tablet and network to privately connect the core family with a platform built for seniors, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Revolve Robotics, creator of Kubi, the intuitive and affordable homecare telepresence robot that lets remote video callers look around a room and monitor seniors. This solution dramatically lowers the barriers for seniors to receive remote care and maintain contact with physicians, caregivers, and family.

grandPad is using the Kubi API to integrate Kubi controls into the user interface of its senior-friendly tablet. Kubi is a robotic cradle upon which a tablet sits and is remotely controlled by a video caller. When the grandPad tablet is mounted on Kubi, everyone from kids to caregivers can safely engage face-to-face with seniors via video, as well as look around with 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt.

Already deployed with seniors nationwide, grandPad demonstrates great promise in solving the critical issue of caring for the coming "silver tsunami" of elderly seniors living on their own. According to AARP, there are more than 12 million elderly over 75-years-old who live alone. Moreover, the vast majority of this group does not have the training or experience to use modern technology effectively.

grandPad will be at Booth M74-B at the Aging 2.0 conference on November 19 and 20 in San Francisco, CA. Revolve Robotics is an Aging 2.0 #30in30in30 winner and Pitch for Pilots participant. The companies will be demonstrating the integration of Kubi controls into grandPad at the conference, which provides a global innovation platform for aging and senior care for older adults around the world.

"Our partnership with Revolve Robotics offers tremendous potential," notes Scott Lien, CEO of grandPad. "Our pilot programs have received overwhelming positive feedback, and we look forward to rolling this out on a larger scale."

Jeff Goldsmith, VP of Marketing at Revolve Robotics, says, "Rather than asking older adults to hold tablets during video calls, grandPad on Kubi gives family and caregivers control of their point of view. Higher quality, simpler video calls are a huge win for everyone involved in senior care, including health professionals and family members."

About grandPad
Using technology to help bring families together, grandPad provides innovative solutions that are intuitive, engaging, and safe for all age ranges. The company's flagship product, the grandPad, is the first digital tablet and network to privately connect the core family with a platform built for seniors. With GrandPad, seniors can video chat with the family, check emails from the family in real-time, share photos, play games, and much more. The intuitive, easy-to-use design turns technology into a gateway instead of a barrier. grandPad is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit or follow @grandpad_social.

About Revolve Robotics
Founded in 2013 by robotic entrepreneurs Marcus Rosenthal and Ilya Polyakov, Revolve Robotics is one of the world's leading innovators in robotic telepresence. Revolve's flagship platform, Kubi, has been shipping worldwide since January 2014. Kubi means "neck" in Japanese, and it is a robotic tablet stand that gives you the freedom to interact while video conferencing. Kubi delivers robotic telepresence for telehealth, distance learning, remote working, concierge, and other applications. Revolve Robotics is dedicated to creating smart, simple solutions to real problems, timeless design, and an elevated level of practicality and functionality. Revolve Robotics is a privately held company based in San Francisco. For more information, please visit or follow @RevolveRobotics.

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