ZeeVee Addresses Company Expansion with 60% Additional Space

Boston, November 11, 2015, ZeeVee, Inc. a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology, announced today it has moved to a new location in Littleton, Massachusetts increasing overall space by 60% and showcasing a new training facility for the company's partners, integrators, and end-users.

"With the expansion of ZeeVee's RF business and the launch of our new IP distribution products we've had to position the company for rapid growth," said Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee. "Additionally, we are aggressively expanding our distribution channels both domestically and internationally and needed to build a state of the art training facility to prepare them to sell and install our new products," he added.

With a staff increase of 35% over the past twelve months, ZeeVee was experiencing growing pains at their old facility. ZeeVee's new office, located at 295 Foster Street, Suite 200, Littleton, MA 01460 has increased space by 60%, and doubled the size of the development lab. More space and additional staff members gives ZeeVee the capacity to continue its commitment to customer service, while the additional development lab space will foster innovation for new products to align with future trends in the industry.

The new iSeries and ZyPer4K products have positioned ZeeVee to stay ahead in a continually developing industry. The new training facility will ensure that partners and distributors receive timely training on new products and are prepared to efficiently install these innovative products for their end customers.

About ZeeVee
ZeeVee is a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology for the ProAV and IT marketplace. As the only manufacturer today that can deliver multimedia content over coax, fiber, and CATx, ZeeVee has transformed the digital video industry with its award-winning, HD to Ultra-HD/4K solutions. The company offers a variety of innovative, cost effective and easy to install distribution platforms. ZeeVee is installed in thousands of facilities worldwide where there is a need to transport HD/UHD content from multiple sources to multiple displays over long distances.

For additional information please visit www.zeevee.com

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