New Universal Mini Garage Door Remote Gives Consumers A Compact, Convenient Way To Enter The Home

Chamberlain Universal Mini Garage Door Remote is a Premium Home Accessory that Works with Any Garage Door Brand and Chamberlain MyQ Remote Light Control to Let Users Easily Enter the Garage and Turn on Home Lights with Just a Click of a Button

November 10, 2015 -- Chamberlain, makers of the most advanced garage door openers for more than 40 years, is making it more convenient for consumers to enter their homes with a new Universal Mini Garage Door Remote. The new compact device is compatible with all major brands of garage door openers, featuring a slim, durable design that fits easily in a pocket or attaches to a backpack, and allows control of two garage doors or home lighting through a safe and secure connection. The new Mini Remote is available at Home Depot in the U.S. today for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

The Universal Mini Remote was specifically designed for today's on-the-go consumer, providing convenient push-button entry to the home. With the Universal Mini Remote, users never have to enter a dark home again. By pairing the Universal Mini Remote with the Chamberlain MyQ Remote Light Control module, in a few simple steps users can program their second Remote button to turn on an interior lamp, exterior security light, even decorative holiday lights or a second garage door.

The lightweight Universal Mini Garage Door Remote comes in black, with a scratch-resistant soft-touch finish and measures just 2.25 x 1.25 inches. The Mini Remote is a simple solution for nearly any consumer, including:

* Kids returning from school or after-school activities. Simply secure the Mini Remote to their backpacks so they'll always have easy home access.
* Motorcycle riders who need a lightweight, compact remote that fits easily into a pocket or saddlebag.
* Homeowners who need to walk the dog, make short errands or visit a neighbor down the street. There's no need to carry a bulky set of keys.
* Grandparents, neighbors, out-of-town guests, nannies and contractors. Great for anyone who might need frequent and easy access to the home.
* Active users, such as cyclists, joggers, walkers who won't be weighed down by clanking metal keys to get back into the house.
* Anyone looking for gifts for the whole family, and devices for friends and family frequently coming and going from our homes during the holidays.

The Universal Mini Remote is available in all Home Depot stores in the U.S. today, and will be available from other retailers across the U.S. and Canada in the first quarter of 2016.

"More than 70 percent of U.S. households use the garage as the main entry point to their homes1, and Chamberlain is focused on improving access through added convenience and peace of mind," said Alyson Angotti, Product Manager Universal & Branded Accessories - Chamberlain Retail. "Our Mini Remote is compact, user friendly and works with all major garage door opener brands. Additionally, it is the perfect accessory to use when going for a bike ride, coming home from school, or running an errand. Home access has just become much easier."

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