HomePlug Netricity Program to Be Showcased at European Utility Week

Itron will host kiosk featuring long-range powerline networking technology

VIENNA--European Utility Week - The HomePlug Alliance (www.homeplug.org), the worldwide industry group for powerline communications networking, today announced that its Netricity™ program for long-range powerline networking will be featured in a kiosk within Itron's booth, #A.B31, at European Utility Week. The event is taking place 3-5 November 2015 at Messe Wien, in Vienna, Austria.

"We are pleased to be supporting the Netricity program at European Utility Week," said Mark de Vere White, president of Itron's electricity business unit. "The program aligns with our OPENWAY RIVA™ technology offering and is key for utilities and energy companies looking to address the need for long-range powerline networking for outside-the-home, smart grid, smart city and industrial control applications."

"We believe the Netricity initiative will be critical to the widespread deployment of smart metering solutions by the industry," said Gary Stuebing, IoT Standards Manager at Cisco. "The program, which uses established open standards, will become one of the key networking technologies Cisco is developing in conjunction with our utility and energy companies partners to enable current and future grid applications."

Representatives of the Netricity program, including leaders from HomePlug Alliance, Itron and Cisco, will be on site to speak to guests about the latest developments with the Netricity program for products built on the IEEE 1901.2 low-frequency narrow-band powerline communications standard. The technology provides high-performance communications and flexibility for both dense urban and sparse rural communications using frequencies below 500 kHz, and also enables hybrid (wired + wireless) networks.

"As we near the completion of the Netricity certification program, we are excited to share our progress with guests," said HomePlug Alliance President Rob Ranck. "European Utility Week is the ideal venue for us to meet with leaders in the utility industry in Europe."

About HomePlug Alliance
HomePlug technology enables a home's electrical wires to distribute broadband Internet, 4K Ultra HD video, digital music and smart home applications. HomePlug powerline networking products are used by consumers and service providers worldwide to provide home networking connectivity and expand Wi-Fi coverage. We are the global leader in powerline networking technology, with over 180 million devices deployed worldwide.

Visit the HomePlug Alliance website at http://www.homeplug.org for more information regarding HomePlug Alliance and its family of technologies, and sign up for the HomePlug interest list at http://www.homeplug.org/about/inquiry to receive updates.

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