MivaTek Opens Video Alarm as a Service (VAAS) Platform to Partners for Smart Home Security, Safety, Automation, and Health with Video Integration

VAAS Platform Technology Offers Turnkey Value and Enhanced User Experience

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 21, 2015 -- MivaTek, a leading Web 3.0 mobile interactive smart home video alarm, awareness, and assurance service company, today announced its Video Alarm as a Service (VaaS) platform supporting a 27+ smart device ecosystem for Video, Security, Safety, Health, Automation, and Energy Monitoring in a single app is opening to global business partners.

MivaTek's mobile cloud VaaS platform seamlessly interacts with a smart data pump controller (MivaShuttle) to allow communication and collaboration between sensors, videos, and mobile devices. With 4 tiered monitoring coverage and instant video alarm/alerts to each user's smartphone, their VaaS platform also allows users to verify and take action which in turn greatly improves response times and reduces the number of false alarms to authorities.

MivaTek is the first in the industry to offer video, home security, home safety, home health, automation and energy monitoring solutions and services using a single app. Their mobile app is powerful enough to support multiple applications for different audiences, but their most highlighted features come from mobile interactive controls including recording and sharing video, communicating through cameras from your smartphone, storing video recordings both locally and in the cloud, remotely triggering a local siren, and even calling 911 directly for emergency situations all while viewing live video.

"MivaTek's Smart Home Video Alarm as a Service Platform is proven and ready," said Joe Liu, MivaTek's CEO. "Our optimized platform supports video and smart IoT device integration within our proximal network, as well as local and cloud storage for big data applications. MivaTek offers a turnkey RMR service platform for licensing and OEM partnership opportunities to worldwide service providers."

The MivaTek Web 3.0 Video Alarm as a Service application also falls in the home health industry; they offer assistive technology including panic alerts, fall alerts, automated medication dispenser alerts, medication tracking and activity tracking solutions and services to multiple tiers of users including owner, family members, and care givers

MivaTek's Video Alarm as a Service platform guarantees quality and performance for fast mobile interactive video streaming as well as a secure system architecture implementing a dual hardware firewall approach with anti-hacking software and bank level encryption.

About MivaTek
MivaTek, a leading mobile interactive smart home video alarm, awareness, and assurance service company, provides comprehensive wireless video, security, safety, health, automation and energy monitoring solutions for home and business. With patented zero-pairing, plug-and-play technology and a 27+ smart devices ecosystem, MivaTek offers seamless connectivity between cameras and smart devices using a single app. Find out more about MivaTek's comprehensive and affordable solutions and services for a mobile, interactive, connected lifestyle at www.MivaTek.com.

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