CEDIA - Poly-Control Announces U.S. Version of Danalock V2 Smart Lock at CEDIA

This smart lock solution turns a smartphone into a high-tech digital key for home security.

On October 15, Poly-Control, a provider of innovative smart technology solutions for homes and businesses, will unveil Danalock Version 2 for the U.S. market from the CEDIA conference. This smart lock solution turns a smartphone into a high-tech digital key for home security. Danalock's already unrivaled flexibility with Bluetooth (BLE) and Z-Wave compatibility now adds support for Nest, Harmony, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee protocols to expand interoperability with home automation systems, while improving the ability to remotely control door access. In addition, a new lock-state sensor recognizes dead bolt state, ensuring a more intuitive installation process and improving the user experience.

"We significantly enhanced the features and user experience in Danalock V2 for our customer base in the U.S.," said Henning Overgaard, co-founder of Poly-Control. "With the new Danalock V2, we're confident that the combination of ease of installation, support for the industry's leading wireless communications standards, and a very competitive price point will meet the growing needs of home automation users and propel Danalock into a leadership position in the U.S. market."

Danalock V2 knits strong Bluetooth signal recognition with the broadest range of communication protocols on the market. On entry or exit, Danalock signals the Zigbee or Z-Wave alarm systems to disarm or arm automatically. Integration with Nest and Harmony relay to home automation systems to raise or lower temperatures or adjust lighting on the entrance or exit signal from Danalock. And Wi-Fi integration offers even more flexibility by enabling homeowners to remotely unlock/lock the door for children or visitors such as contractors and housekeepers.

Danalock V2 has taken the pain out of installation. A U.S.-specific mount that requires no modification of the lock's tailpiece means the new Danalock fits over the tail and mounts solidly on the bracket. A new sensor identifies the state of the dead bolt as locked or open and, with the help of the Danalock widget, the install process is fully automated. No manual inputs are required.

In addition to these key features, Danalock V2 delivers new industry-leading capabilities:

* BridgeApp—This soon-to-be-released, downloadable free app creates a Wi-Fi bridge that gives users remote access and control of Danalock from all over the world. No additional router is needed. Danalock makes use of technologies already in the home, such as an old smart phone or tablet that uses BLE and Wi-Fi, and turns them into a bridge, making the Danalock solution easier and more cost-effective.
* Notify—This feature reassures working parents that their children have arrived home from school or left on time for activities.
* TwistAssist—This feature helps those who have difficulty firmly grasping the door handle by enabling them to only slightly turn Danalock to gain release.
* Lock programmability—The Danalock timer can be set to modify how quickly the door will relock after someone has entered or exited the house.
* Geo location—With autolock turned on, Geo location causes your smart phone to begin searching for Danalock as soon as homeowners are within 100-200 yards of their home, heightening the responsiveness of the unlock feature.

Poly-Control will showcase all of the new features of Danalock V2 in the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion (Booth 2900) throughout the CEDIA conference. In addition, the company's Danalock Key Pad and Danalock Key Fob will also be available for viewing—entry access solutions that provide temporary or recurrent access for children who don't have smart phones, or visitors and contractors that have not installed the app.

Danalock V2 starts at $179 for Bluetooth only and is $199 for a dual version with Bluetooth and either Z-Wave or Zigbee compatibility. The smart locks are available for direct purchase from Poly-Control at www.Danalock.com or through Amazon and selected resellers by the end of November. For more information, images and video, please visit Danalock.

About Poly-Control
Poly-Control, based in Denmark, develops innovative smart technology solutions for homes and businesses. The company's founders have been making intelligent door lock mechanisms and home automation products for more than 10 years, and have unrivaled experience in the field. For more information, visit www.danalock.com or follow @Poly-Control.

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