CEDIA - MivaTek to Showcase Video Integrated Home Security, Home Safety, Automation and Health Care Solutions and Services at CEDIA

Hands on Manufacturer Product Training and Expanded Partnership Opportunities

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 9, 2015 -- MivaTek, the Next-Gen Web 3.0 mobile interactive Video Alarm, Awareness, and Assurance Services company today announced it will be showcasing the MivaTek Video, integrated with Home Security, Home Safety, Health Care, and Automations services using one single app, to control all their in-a-box plug-n-play systems at the 2015 CEDIA Expo, booth #8501, in Dallas, Texas from October 14-17.

"MivaTek's mobile cloud and intelligent proximal network enables seamless collaboration among sensors, videos, and mobile devices. If you have a break-in, we not only record the video, but also send video alarms and alerts to you and your authorized mobile users at once using MivaTek's preprogrammed emergency calling feature to call 911, shortening the response time and preventing false alarms," said Joe Liu, MivaTek's CEO. "For home safety, what if you are away and your house is on fire, or basement is flooded? We will instantly send video-alarms to multiple users, and allow you to verify and take action. MivaTek's Web 3.0 proximal network and cloud integration makes our service platform comprehensive and affordable."

For CEDIA partners, our innovative plug-n-play system-in-a-box solutions and services can be a great addition to smart home offerings. Not only will users be able to offer video with home security, home safety, and automation but also additional health care solutions and services. MivaTek is eager to partner with regional installers, providers for OEM, and service-provider solutions worldwide.

MivaTek will host two Manufacturer Product Training sessions at CEDIA:

* "Meet MivaTek: the most comprehensive and affordable Web 3.0 Video Alarm, Awareness, and Assurance Solutions and Services": 1:30-2:30pm on 10/15 at the Omni Hotel, Trinity Ballroom 2, focusing on integrating 27+ smart IoT devices with Video, Home Safety, Home Security, Automation, and Personal Health Care using a single app.

* "Expand Your Business with MivaTek's Platform Services": 2:30-3pm at the Omni Hotel, Trinity Ballroom 2 on 10/15 will show how MivaTek partners and installers can increase sales and create additional revenue streams by offering MivaTek's Platform Services to end users, in a compelling way.

About MivaTek
MivaTek is a leading Web 3.0 mobile interactive video alarm, awareness and assurance service company for comprehensive and affordable video integrated home-security, home-safety, automation and health-care solutions and services with a single mobile-app. MivaTek offers mobile interactive in-app-in-view action controls including video-sensor collaboration, video alarm and alerts, local and cloud recording, data retrieving and sharing, and big data applications. MivaTek's patented zero pairing technology auto-configures out of the box IoT devices in minutes during activation. MivaTek's mobile cloud and intelligent proximal network enables seamless collaboration among sensors, videos, and mobile devices with 24/7 coverage of mobile-push siren and video to multiple users at once to avoid false alarms and substantially shorten the response time. With dual hardware firewall, anti-hacking software protection and bank level encryption, MivaTek provides ultra-secure video privacy to end users.

For MivaTek's comprehensive and affordable video alarm, awareness and assurance solutions and services, please visit www.mivatek.com, email partnership@mivatek.com or call 1-844-800-MIVA. Twitter: @MivaLife

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