CEDIA - ePonti Optimizes Workflow Efficiencies and Boosts Productivity for Custom Installation Firms

Cloud-based SaaS solution to be showcased in booth 1110 during CEDIA Expo 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ and DALLAS, TX - October 12, 2015 - Custom electronic design and installation professionals can start every week off right with ePonti, a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to yield significant business and operational efficiencies. Hosted on secure servers and easily accessible through browsers, smartphones and other devices, ePonti is both easy to learn and affordable. The application accesses and updates information related to typical day-to-day operations—from sales and initial bids to scheduling, project management and more—so that organizations and team members are never out of sync.

A designecentral inc., solution, ePonti links project management with procurement to provide a highly interactive application that the entire team can access and share from any device, anytime. Using the interactive online portal, ePonti provides real-time collaboration and automation, for example, automatically updating project status, purchase order requests, work orders and more.

The ‘e' in ePonti stands for electronic and Ponti is Italian for ‘bridge.' As such, the software bridges the gap between your teams and the client, with up to date, interactive information that lets integration firm's work smarter, not harder.

ePonti will be at CEDIA Expo 2015, booth 1110, with demos and presentations that will further illustrate why this is the must-have software to boost productivity and add revenue to the bottom line. Furthermore, ePonti will be available at exclusive ‘show-only' prices during CEDIA Expo.

Also at CEDIA Expo 2015, ePonti will unveil and demonstrate new integration with Salez Toolz, DropBox and Intuit QuickBooks. Salez Toolz, awarded "Best software of the Year" at CEDIA 2014, sets a new standard by seamlessly presenting solutions, building budgets, and quickly closing sales. Through visually engaging pictures and symbol-rich icons, customers make their choice and sign-off, right on your tablet. Results are shorter sales-cycles, higher close rates and increased profitability.

To find out how easy ePonti is to implement and how affordable the subscription plan is, stop by booth 1110 during CEDIA Expo 2015 or contact sales@ePonti.com to make an appointment.

About ePonti
ePonti an affordable solution designed for contractors. It's simple to use, secure, no software to install, easily manage and share information in real time anywhere on multiple devices. ePonti helps contractors manage their business through true project collaboration, bridging the gap between sales, project management, purchasing, operations and client services.

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