CEDIA - Nexus 21 Introduces Speakeasy Poker Table with Disappearing Bar

Provides integrators a product with high margin, easy install and serious WOW! Factor

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (Oct. 1, 2015) Nexus 21, a global leader in home and commercial lift systems, introduces the Nexus 21 lift-­‐activated Speakeasy Poker Table - representing an all-­‐new, high-­‐margin revenue opportunity for custom electronics integrators. The Speakeasy surprises poker players and guests alike with its concealed whiskey and spirit bar that silently glides up from the center of the table.

The Speakeasy debuts at CEDIA Expo 2015. It will be on display at the Nexus 21 booth #6229, where guests can register for a chance to win a Speakeasy of their own (or to sell).

"The Speakeasy Poker Table shines a sophisticated and elegant light on hidden technology and integration," said Nexus 21 president Cory Lovett. "The combination of a new revenue channel with impressive hidden tech, simple integration and a solid profit margin, the Speakeasy Poker Table is a winning bet for any Custom Electronics Pro."

The Speakeasy Poker Table is crafted in the USA from a choice of American hardwoods and integrates a near-­‐silent Nexus 21 telescoping lift system in its base. At the touch of a hidden button (or remote touchpad or controller), a fully concealed revolving whiskey and spirit bar emerges from under the top of the table, as well as a poker chip vault and card storage area.

Integrators can double down on the table's generous margin with virtually no installation-­‐related costs or expenses. The Speakeasy ships fully assembled with just the table top needing to be attached after delivery. It can be delivered direct to the client if desired.

The Speakeasy's quality craftsmanship and technology are just a part of the custom-­‐made poker table's mystique, which also features a virtually impenetrable varnish surface, Teflon-­‐treated cloth that resists spills and stains, a soft elbow rail surrounding the playing surface, milled stainless steel drink holders and a ten-­‐year warranty.

The tables are currently in production and are built to order based on a customer's selection of wood and textiles

About Nexus 21
Nexus 21 is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the company manufactures its precision-­‐engineered lift systems. Founded in 2005, the company's products are used in a wide variety of environments from homes and businesses to mega yachts and luxury vehicles. Nexus 21 products have been chosen by integrators, architects and designers for use in thousands of projects in over 40 countries.

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