CEDIA - Grimani Systems Demonstrates Powerful Audio Ensemble at CEDIA Expo 2015

Driven by the Conic Section Arra (CSA) waveguide, the Grimani Systems Audio Ensembles are turnkey solutions allowing custom integrators to provide flawless sound reproduction with consistent coverage to every seat in a private theater

Novato, CA and Dallas, TX—October 1, 2015— Grimani Systems, the high-end home entertainment technology solutions provider that launched at last year's CEDIA Expo, will showcase its powerful products in a meeting room located at Victory Park 1, on the fifth floor of the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, during CEDIA Expo 2015.

A flagship in the lineup, the Grimani Systems CinemaOne Audio Ensemble delivers exceptional sound quality and coverage, offering a flawless reproduction of film and music artist's original intention, while providing integrators with a turnkey solution for high-end private theaters. CEDIA Expo attendees will have the pleasure of experiencing, firsthand, the Grimani Systems approach in a comfortable environment.

"Those who have experienced CinemaOne have said the system evokes the sensation of becoming part of the movie environment, rather than a mere viewer," says Grimani Systems president and co-founder Anthony Grimani. "The Grimani Systems presentation at the Omni Hotel provides CEDIA attendees the opportunity to experience for themselves the magic of a truly spellbinding entertainment experience, and in turn the opportunity to deliver a turnkey audio ensemble that their clients will enjoy from the subtlest violin concerto to a bass-heavy battle scene in a blockbuster movie."

Inspired and driven by inventor and acoustician Manny LaCarrubba's breakthrough Conic Section Array (CSA) waveguide technology, the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble includes 13 active speakers, all using the revolutionary CSA waveguide to ensure that every seat in the house enjoys the same sonic experience. The system, also compatible with Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, is suitable for rooms up to 20,000 cubic feet, delivers 16,000 watts of power, and includes 10 sophisticated DSP units feeding 29 separate amp channels. With no speaker wire to run or amp racks to build, work-time is greatly reduced from 3-5 days to only 5-6 hours. Components are interconnected using Cat-6 cable, and DSP equipment takes up just 2RU spaces. Grimani Systems recommends using proper punch-down Keystone wall plugs from both sides of the connection, and a good isolation power transformer product for stability.

When installation is complete, Grimani Systems engineers assist with configuration and calibration of the audio. The entire system is IP-addressable, allowing remote monitoring, diagnostics and service, plus easy software and firmware updates, and an all-digital, high-efficiency design reduces power consumption, making for easier electrical management.

About Grimani Systems
Novato, Calif.-based Grimani Systems, creator of spellbinding home entertainment technology, delivers elegant solutions designed specifically for luxury private theaters. Founded by custom electronics leader and audio wizard Anthony Grimani, inventor and acoustician Manny LaCarrubba, and entrepreneur and audiophile David Steel, Grimani Systems brings space-age design and materials to private cinemas, delivering on the artistic vision of the musicians, recording artists, filmmakers, and sound designers in the ultra high-definition era.

The company's debut product, the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble, offers exceptional sound quality and coverage thanks to the Conic Section Array (CSA) waveguide, the loudspeaker's driving technology, along with active speaker technology for reliability, IP addressability, and ease-of-installation for custom electronics integrators. To learn more, visit www.grimanisystems.com.

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