eyeSight Technologies announces public availability of singlecue, bringing touch-free gesture control to your home

singlecue connects and controls media and smart home devices through fun, simple, touch-free gestures

Tel-Aviv, Israel - October 1, 2015 - eyeSight Technologies, the leader in computer vision and gesture technology, today announces public availability of singlecue, a first of its kind standalone device that lets you control your TV, home entertainment and smart home devices with touch-free gestures, as effortless as a wave of a finger.

How does singlecue work?

singlecue connects wirelessly with other devices in your home. The touch-free control is enabled by a simple CMOS sensor that works with eyeSight's machine vision technology to identify and track a user's finger up to 16 feet away from the device. The technology searches for a shape of a finger and specified finger motions, including a pinch motion to click or a shush gesture of placing a finger on the lips to mute the TV. Once a gesture is detected, singlecue translates the motion into action and lets you control entertainment and smart home devices wirelessly using Infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The user then receives responsive and visual feedback on the singlecue screen, displaying the functions being controlled.

"Leveraging years of experience in gesture recognition technology and after embedding our solutions in millions of well-known manufacture's devices, we're excited to bring singlecue's advanced capabilities to the consumer," said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight Technologies. "We created a whole new way to control your home, which is simple and natural, and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring our vision to market."

What Devices Does singlecue Support?

singlecue works with a variety of devices, including TVs, media streamers, cable and satellite boxes. All major brands are covered, and a full list of supported devices can be found at http://www.singlecue.com.

singlecue will continue to add additional supported devices, including smart connected devices and legacy Infrared-controlled devices. As new supported devices and features are available, users will receive automatic push software updates to their singlecue device, allowing users to enjoy the new capabilities in their homes. There will also be an open API that developers can access to add more devices to singlecue ecosystem, which will be rolled out in summer 2016.

singlecue app:

The singlecue companion app simplifies the set up process and makes managing your entertainment ecosystem quick and easy. Users have access to step-by-step set up tutorials and how-two videos that help make it easy to master touch-free gesture control. The singlecue app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Where can I buy singlecue?

Singlecue is available for purchase now for $199. Visit www.singlecue.com or www.amazon.com to order today.

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