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The Dealers First program consists of four key pillars H-P Products uses to guide dealer support: exceptional business practices, marketing programs, dealer savings programs, and dealer service/support.

Louisville, OH - September 29, 2015 - CEDIA Expo Booth 8503 - H-P Products, Inc., leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems, is enhancing its 'Dealers First' program with future-facing measures designed to prepare central vacuum dealers for the evolving market. The move comes as H-P Products celebrates its 60th anniversary and adapts to support the short and long-term sales prospects of a new generation of homebuyers.

The Dealers First program consists of four key pillars H-P Products uses to guide dealer support: exceptional business practices, marketing programs, dealer savings programs, and dealer service/support. The exact mix of programs is confidential, but newly added services include: consumer sales videos, a website builder program, custom literature design, additional field training options and a builder rebates program.

"Central vacuum dealers, like any other business, need to be prepared for the digital future. Our recent enhancements to the Dealers First program are about giving our partners the tools, training, and overall support they need to be successful today, and 10 years from now," said Greg Calderone, vice president, H-P Products.

One of the key challenges ahead for dealers, is making central vacuum solutions appealing to both younger and older homeowners. Recognizing this, one of the main themes of H-P Products' 2015 dealer meeting was generational selling and the most effective approaches to use with Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. As a continuation of this message, H-P is now promoting a smart home approach to selling central vacuum installations, where the placement of retractable hoses and quick clean appliances adds convenience to end-user's lives in the same way a connected lightbulb or thermostat would.

"A vacuum functions the same way it did 50 years ago, but the more exciting changes are in how accessories and hose management technology has evolved to accommodate a variety of different installation challenges and lifestyle demands," said Calderone. "When consumers get a taste of central vacuum convenience, they never want to go back, so it's important for us to help create a positive first experience for our customers no matter what stage of life they are in."

One way H-P Products is opening new doors is by showing a renewed commitment to the builder channel by participating in the Home Builder Association (HBA) Rebates program, which creates partnership opportunities and rewards builders and integrators who regularly install central vacuum systems. The community of small to mid-size builders and remodelers represented by the HBA makes up a large percentage of the overall building sector and the program is a free member benefit of participating State Home Builders Associations.

Calderone concluded, "Central vacuums systems are a perfect match for the next wave of 'connected' home buyers who embrace technology that simplifies their lives. Builders and integrators who recognize this potential will differentiate themselves and reap the rewards."

Dealers interested in learning about the Dealers First program can visit: www.h-pproducts.com/dealers-first.

For more information about H-P Products, please visit http://www.h-pproducts.com/.

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