CEDIA - Quantum Media Systems Demonstrates 4K and UHD Digital Cinema Packages at CEDIA Expo

Delivering advanced proprietary technologies, the highest level of quality, and best value in Private Home Theater Packages, Quantum Media Systems provides high-performance 4K and 2K visual images for high-end residential installations

Irvine, CA and Dallas, Texas—(September 28, 2015)—CEDIA Expo Booth #1300 Quantum Media Systems—provider of premier Digital Cinema Technology products, design, engineering, and consulting services for custom electronics dealers and audiovisual system integrators—announced today that it will be demonstrating its Quantum Private Theater offerings at CEDIA Expo Booth #1300 being held in Dallas, Texas, October 14 - 17, 2015.

The company previewed its private cinema technology, which adheres to the same Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) Standards used in commercial theaters, at last year's CEDIA Expo in a showcase called "The 4K+ Ultra HD Experience Theater" in partnership with Stewart Filmscreen Corp., the leading international manufacturer of projection screens and specialty optical coatings for residential and commercial applications.

This year, Quantum Media Systems takes its presence to the next level, with a standalone booth (#1300) that focuses on dealer education and demos of the highest quality digital cinema technology and private cinema packages for CEDIA Expo attendees. This demonstration shouldn't be missed.

The systems being demonstrated in the Quantum Media Systems booth use proprietary commercial-grade 4K RGB Laser Digital Cinema Projectors, high performance Projection Screens from Stewart Filmscreen, proprietary Quantum Media Systems Servers, and native and uncompressed 4K content, delivered using the motion picture industry-standard JPEG 2000 encoding for superior resolution and pixel density.

The Quantum 4K RGB Laser System is the only 4K Digital Cinema Projector that is small enough to be installed within the Home Theater, as opposed to having a separate Projection Room built behind the theater. The 4K RGB Laser Projector is engineered to be compact and creates very little heat and noise. The light source is the Laser Module, which can be located in a distant rack area or closet and connects to the projector via fiber cables.

Raising the Bar on Private Cinema Integration

By combining the highest level of projection, using RGB Laser Technology, with custom, on-site calibration of private theater systems, Quantum Media Systems provides a whole new level of service to custom integrators. Integrators can, in turn, raise the bar on the home theater experience for their clients.

"We're an essential integration partner," says Quantum Media Systems CEO Ken Hoffman. "We have products that many dealers don't have access to, and we combine those best-in-class offerings with unmatched levels of service to offer private cinema packages that make it easy for integrators to bring the highest quality and best value to their customers."

Bringing the Ultimate Cinema Experience Home

After years of working exclusively and extensively in the motion picture industry to build screening rooms, color rooms, production, and post-production facilities, Quantum Media Systems returns to its roots in the custom integration industry, where it delivers motion picture quality technology into homes with commercial-level equipment, content delivery, and calibration.

"Our goal," says Hoffman, "is to show integrators what's being used in commercial digital cinemas, and help them optimize residential spaces to bring that level of performance directly into their clients' homes in a private cinema experience that transcends anything they've ever seen or heard in a home theater."

Experience Quantum Media Systems at CEDIA Expo, Booth #1300
CEDIA attendees interested in witnessing the highest levels of 4K, immersive audiovisual experiences in private cinemas and learning more about DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) Technology should visit Quantum Media Systems during CEDIA Expo in booth #1300 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas.

About Quantum Media Systems
Quantum Media Systems, based in Irvine, Calif., serves custom integrators nationwide, provides the latest in Digital Cinema Technology products, design, engineering and consulting services for custom electronics dealers and audiovisual system integrators. Utilizing the same DCI Standards used in commercial theaters, Quantum Media Systems seeks to elevate the home theater experience, and works with custom integrators to bring homeowners the ultimate, immersive 4K Digital Cinema experience in a private theater setting. Please visit www.qmsprivatetheater.com to learn more.

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