Spiral Groove Is Now Shipping Its New Flagship SG1.2 Turntable

Ultimate-performance turntable incorporates numerous upgrades for exceptional sound

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Spiral Groove Is Now Shipping Its New Flagship SG1.2 Turntable

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, September 22, 2015 - Spiral Groove today announced the availability of its new top of the line Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable, which incorporates a host of upgrades from the previous SG1.1. The SG1.2 features a new platter, isolation feet, damping material and various other parts and an improved magnetic platter levitation system to deliver significantly improved sound quality and performance.

"The SG1.2 came about from work we've been doing in design and materials research over the last two years, and the turntable takes what listeners and reviewers worldwide have called an already exceptional record-playback platform to an even higher level," said Allen Perkins, president of Spiral Groove. The increased weight of the new platter adds more impact to the bass and a bit more focus and depth to imaging. The new platter materials yield a very "fast" sound with an even lower noise floor than previously from a design that was already outstanding in this regard. "Even pops and ticks seem quieter, I believe, because of the platter material and internal shape," noted Perkins.

The SG1.2's new turntable feet, based upon the design of Spiral Groove's Strange Attractor isolation feet, and the 20 pounds of additional weight provided by the upgrades contribute to the turntable's improved isolation and reduced noise floor. The SG1.2 is engineered using Spiral Groove's Balanced Force Design™ approach, aimed at achieving the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty. The body of the SG1.2 utilizes two separate constrained layer platforms, separated by elastomers that mechanically decouple the two assemblies, forming a dense, rigid and well-damped, non-resonant platform to which the working parts of the turntable can be precisely mounted and isolated from one another.

The SG1.2 offers electronically selectable 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speed control. The low voltage/high-torque AC synchronous motor is decoupled from the rest of the turntable for exceptionally quiet record playback. The inverted sapphire disc/hardened steel bearing and platter assembly is mounted in a manner that allows the platter to rotate freely without flexure or noise, and the platter is driven at the fulcrum of the bearing for wobble-free rotation. The platter utilizes an oversize stainless steel drive ring to provide increased inertia and speed stability.

The tonearm mounting board of the SG1.2 is fitted with a stainless steel bayonet mounting system that is easily removed from the turntable with the push of a button, enabling multiple arm and cartridge combinations to be pre-set up and readily swapped and installed, with perfect alignment every time.

The Spiral Groove SG1.2 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $30,000. SG1.1 owners can have their turntable factory-upgraded to full SG1.2 status at a suggested retail price of $6,000. Spiral Groove is distributed in the U.S. by Immedia, along with Canalis loudspeakers and Strange Attractors vibration control accessories.

About Spiral Groove

Spiral Groove designs and manufactures turntables, pickup arms and accessories that embody the highest standards of precision engineering to convey music with exceptional fidelity and emotional involvement. The concept of Balanced Force Design is at the heart of every Spiral Groove product. The goal of Balanced Force Design is to achieve the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and beauty. All Spiral Groove products are manufactured in Berkeley, California and distributed by Immedia. For more information please visit www.spiral-groove.com.

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