Introducing Sonos Studio London

Sonos Opens Acoustically Tunable Creative Space in Shoreditch

LONDON, Sept. 22, 2015 -- SONOS, the leader in smart sound for the home, today opened the doors to a unique acoustically tunable space for musical collaborations and listening experiences in Shoreditch. Sonos Studio London launches with an open house and series of listening parties, exhibitions, workshops and talks, during the closing weekend of London Design Festival.

"Sonos Studio is the best place to experience Sonos and listen to music together," says Sonos CMO, Joy Howard. "Our audio and engineering teams are obsessed with creating a listening experience that's fully customizable to your home, while also enabling you to experience music exactly as the artist intended. Sonos Studio London is a playground for those twin obsessions. It creates a space where artists can experiment and share their work directly with music lovers in an intimate, collaborative environment."

Working in partnership with artists and the local creative community, Sonos Studio London will host a constantly evolving programme of listening events, exhibitions, screenings, talks, workshops and much more. The space has been designed to deliver the best possible listening experience in every environment, tunable to every purpose and preference.

Features of Sonos Studio London include:

* An acoustically tunable space - Conceived by producer, composer and Sonos Sound Experience Leader, Giles Martin, Sonos Studio London can be tuned to suit the needs of artists and producers. Moveable elements in the ceilings and walls allow producers to create an ambiance and sound to suit different acoustic needs.

* Sonos experience - The Studio is a living prototype of the Sonos listening experience. Built in partnership with Sonos acoustic engineers, this is the best place to experience Sonos and enjoy music as it should sound.

* Gallery & Performance Space - The Studio's two floors will host a constantly evolving series of exhibitions, performances, screenings and talks.

* Workshop - Inspired by Sonos' own development labs in Santa Barbara (CA) and Cambridge (MA), Sonos Studio will host hack days and workshops, prototype new experiences, and work together with artists and music technology partners.

* Cafe - Sonos Studio is open to all throughout the day. Our coffee shop will welcome music lovers and the creative community to meet, relax, and enjoy the music and artworks six days a week.

* Art Collection - A curated selection of artwork will be frequently supplemented by sound and music-themed installations and collaborations from local artists.

* Artist-Led Listening Room - Artists will be taking over the Listening Room to create music installations and listening experiences.

Sonos Studio London opens to all for the final weekend of London Design Festival on September 26th. The London Contemporary Orchestra, recent collaborators with Jonny Greenwood and Frank Ocean, will be recording and performing a site-specific original work. Renowned sound artist, Yuri Suzuki, and Mogees will host open workshops. As part of London Design Festival, there will be a panel discussion that explores music, design, architecture and much more throughout the weekend.

On October 2nd, Sonos Studio will play host to Imogen Heap, in partnership with Guardian, as she seeks to revolutionise the way music is made and sold. Shortly after, Sonos Studio London's first major exhibition with Domino Records will open from October 8th.

Sign up for updates and event attendance, and read all about Sonos Studios in London, LA and beyond at All events are free to attend and spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Sonos Studio London's listening rooms, gallery, cafe and workshop are open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am - 6.30pm from September 26th 2015.

About Sonos Studio
Sonos Studio consist of two permanent spaces, one in LA and one in London, as well as a global network of pop-up spaces and collaborations in music, art and technology, all recorded and collected on

Sonos Studio is the best place to experience Sonos and to hear music as it should sound. Sonos collaborates with artist communities in creative capitals around the world, creating musical experiences and intimate connections between music lovers and the music they care most about.

To sign up for updates and events in London, LA, NYC, Amsterdam, Austin, Berlin, Paris and Milan, visit

Sonos Studio London: 21 Club Row, Shoreditch, London.
Sonos Studio LA: 145 North La Brea, Los Angeles

About Sonos
Founded in 2002, Sonos creates the leading smart speaker system. Its family of wireless speakers and home audio products make it easy for everyone to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. To hear their favorites, discover new music, and appreciate it all with the highest sound quality.

Sonos is doing it all over the world - in more than 60 countries, with dozens of streaming music providers, through thousands of retailers, and in millions of homes. With a constant investment in software and services, Sonos is improving the experience customers have with music in the home for years after they buy it.

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