Beale Street Audio Announces Street Smart Dealer Program

The Street Smart program makes it easy for dealers to get on board, offers unique protections, and rewards growth, volume and commitment to Beale Street Audio.

Memphis, TN - September 15, 2015 - Beale Street Audio is proud to announce the Street Smart Dealer program, a unique set of guidelines and incentives designed to protect and reward dealers who sell and support Beale Street Audio products. Street Smart consists of a Dealer Bill of Rights, a rebate program, discounts for showroom and personal use products, and a range of other practical policies designed to get dealers onboard quickly and to keep them profitable.

Though it operates like a nimble start-up, Beale Street Audio is an extension of Fulmer Companies, a 95-year-old brand with a 50-year history in the audio industry. This foundation has allowed the company to aggressively pursue its distribution goals and create the simple but comprehensive Street Smart Dealer program. In addition to traditional policies, like no online sales, replacement guarantees and white glove customer service, Street Smart also includes: free upgrades if a product is out of stock, same day shipping before 2PM CT, a try it/buy it program, deep employee and showroom discounts, regularly occurring Beale Deales discounts, and "limited time only" Beale Steales for deep discounts.

"I had a clean slate when creating our Street Smart Dealer Program," said Mark Cichowski, executive director, Beale Street Audio. "Frankly speaking, there are too many companies that seem to have a 'sales-prevention-department' when it comes to programs and polices. Jim and I have seen a lot of different dealer programs over the years, and took a best practices approach when creating ours".

"I was a dealer long enough to know how important it is to have mutually beneficial partnerships with the brands you represent," said Jim Murray, managing director, Beale Street Audio. "Our Street Smart Dealer Program takes all of the most important lessons we've learned over the years about what dealers want and need from their partners, and puts them into a set of simple, practical guidelines."

Beale Street Audio's rebate program is structured around a play on the word "street", with different program levels assigned to each term. For instance, the "Autobahn" level is the most lucrative program level and applies to dealers who spend a designated amount quarterly earn a 10% cash rebate as well as 50% off showroom and personal use pricing and the out of stock upgrade. Other program levels in descending order include: the Highway, Country Road, Main Street, and Drive Thru. There's no fee to enroll and Beale Street Audio reps will work with dealers to determine the ideal starting tier.

Murray continued, "It's in Beale's pedigree to be a disruptive force, and let's face it, audio should be fun. The Street Smart Dealer Program is not just a list of guidelines, it's an extension of our company culture and a sign of the energy we're bringing to a flat category."

Beale's Sonic Vortex technology re-imagines the traditional ported enclosed speaker design to deliver significantly more bass and a flatter frequency response. This audible improvement is achieved by separating the main port of the enclosure into multiple sections called "fins" that are tuned to ideal listening specifications. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to the cabinet's rigidity. Compared to sealed models, the Sonic Vortex design provides a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges and a flatter frequency response across the audio spectrum. Beale Street Audio speakers are also customizable with variable designs for both cabinet air volume and port dimensions.

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Beale Street Audio is redefining the performance standard for architectural speakers and amplifiers by introducing real innovation to a category that has not seen anything fresh for a long time. All Beale Street Audio speakers feature patented Sonic Vortex Technology, a unique enclosure design that produces unprecedented levels of bass output and room energizing dynamics from in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Backed by customer-friendly policies, and first class operational support, Beale Street Audio prides itself on delivering unsurpassed value to the residential and commercial markets, while being easy to do business with. Learn more at:

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