Analog Way exhibits at LDI 2015 - Booth #1922

Analog Way is pleased to exhibit at LDI 2015. From October 23-25, 2015, in Las Vegas, USA, Analog Way will present its new VIO 4K and the Ascender 48-4K

September 2015 - Analog Way is pleased to exhibit at LDI 2015. From October 23-25, 2015, in Las Vegas, USA, Analog Way will present its new VIO 4K, a high-end multi-format converter offering the latest generation of digital connectivity. In addition, the powerful Ascender 48-4K which has been enhanced with outstanding features will be showcased.

VIO 4K, the Ultimate Video Processing Toolbox
VIO 4K (Ref. V701) is a powerful multi-format converter offering the latest generation of digital connectivity. Natively equipped with 7 inputs, VIO 4K enables the conversion of a multitude of signals including: Dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, 6G-SDI Optical, and universal analog, into an impressive array of output signal formats up to 4K 30Hz. VIO 4K was designed to provide optimum versatility; it includes three slots for optional I/O modules, two for video processing with capacity to handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, and one for audio processing with XLR connectors. With all options, VIO 4K features 9 inputs and 3 outputs. Perfectly adapted for non-standard signal management, notably for LED walls, VIO 4K offers unique features and functionalities such as: output rotation, advanced management of the area of interest and unlimited layer resizing capabilities.
VIO 4K can be easily controlled directly from the front panel thanks to a large 3.5' TFT color screen offering live visualization of sources as well as audio. A Web Server is also available to control VIO 4K through Ethernet and USB plugs. During LDI, the VIO 4K will be demonstrated for LED wall applications.

Ascender 48-4K, Powerful Multi-screen Seamless Switcher with outstanding new features
Ascender 48-4K (Ref. ASC4806-4K) is a powerful Multi-Screen Seamless Switcher with 48 Scalers. At LDI, the Ascender 48-4K will be shown featuring an unparalleled new operating mode, the Perspective Layers. Available as an option for all Ascender 48-4K units, including units already in the field, Perspective Layers allow animation of live layers with a virtual viewing perspective in real time with X,Y,Z axis rotation control. In Perspective mode, the Ascender 48-4K can display 3 Perspective Layers per output plus a native background. Using the Monitoring output, the operator can display the Perspective Layers on a preview in real time in order to see and arrange all layers and presets. Creation and management of the Perspective Layers can be controlled directly from the Ascender 48-4K's Web RCS, a user-friendly interface.
In addition, the Ascender 48-4K will be shown using the Cut & Fill feature, a new functionality available on all the LiveCore™ systems. Pairing two layers with the Web RCS - one containing a grey level source (Cut), the other one a live source (Fill) - the unit can display perfectly keyed content to achieve non-rectangular smooth-edged key layers. The cut can be either a live source synchronized with the fill or a still picture.

Featured Product

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

The network is the foundation on which modern entertainment, security, control and automation systems are built. The new Epic series of routers from Luxul are designed to help integration professionals build that foundation and deliver a great customer experience. The router is a critical piece of every network-connecting a local network to the Internet, controlling traffic and providing security. With the release of its new Epic series, Luxul has redefined the router, adding capabilities that make it far more than just a traditional router. In addition to being high-performing commercial grade routers, the Epic series offers a platform for optimizing the user experience in smart homes, workplaces, retail establishments and more. This experience is delivered through Luxul and third-party applications running on the Epic platform.