--SpectraCal's CalMAN v5.6 is the Fastest and Most Complete Method of Evaluating, Calibrating and Certifying Any Reference Monitor, including UHD High Dynamic Range displays --The C6 Color Meter, Now Certified for HDR, Provides Fast, Accurate Measurements at An Economical Price

Shoreline, WA and IBC 2015, RAI Amsterdam - September 4, 2015 - High Dynamic Range systems have arrived in the consumer and professional worlds and anyone in the post-production community who needs to calibrate these systems and certify to vendors and clients that their display systems are compliant with this technology will need a whole new process. Fortunately SpectraCal, the industry leader in advanced display calibration and evaluation solutions, announced the release of their long-awaited HDR-ready CalMAN Version 5.6 software program and HDR-certified C6 Color Meter, providing the industry with the tools that are necessary to keep up with the fast-paced advancements.

CalMAN 5.6 HDR diagnostics

"HDR is the most exciting advance in display picture quality since the introduction of HDTV. But the additional specifications and advanced performance characteristics make it more difficult and time consuming to analyze and calibrate displays," noted SpectraCal's Founder and CTO Derek Smith. "There has never been a greater need for objective measurements of display performance," Smith said.

CalMAN v5.6 with HDR support offers the solution to this new paradigm with an ability to efficiently analyze and calibrate displays. The program further advances the art of color science with the inclusion of even greater direct-load 3D Look-Up Table (3D LUT) calibration functions.

CalMAN is already widely used in the Industry for tuning systems to a number of standards, from EBU to DCI, SMPTE C to Rec709. Those who update to a program with native support for HDR will tune their new environment with an ever-decreasing hassle.

Compatible with nearly every colorimeter and test pattern generator used in the industry, CalMAN allows technicians at all technical levels to quickly and simply analyze displays. With just a click of a button one can rapidly measure nearly limitless data points to benchmark display samples or determine how closely a reference monitor is functioning to industry standards.

CalMAN offers support for dozens of different EOTFs (electro-optical transfer functions), including the SMPTE 2084 Perceptual Quantization (PQ) Curve that is at the heart of HDR. The software easily displays the PQ curve's advanced formula calculations, or the results of other gamma tests, in both linear and logarithmic charts for simple analysis and comparison. CalMAN 5.6 also offers Color Primary reference points for more than 20 Color Gamuts, including both DCI P3 and Rec BT.2020, with different white point and gamma curves to match commercial DCI, Dolby Vision or HDR 10 formats.

With the advanced capabilities of HDR displays comes a need for an even more advanced calibration process, and part of that process is utilizing 3D Look-Up Tables, or LUTs. Before CalMAN, tuning these LUTS was a complicated and time-consuming process. CalMAN 5.6 adds the ability to directly communicate and load 3D LUTs--which greatly speeds up the process--to even more outboard processors, software programs and built-in graphics processors in reference monitors than ever before, all without intermediary software.

"3D LUTs are the new standard for reference display calibration," noted SpectralCal's Smith. "3D LUTs are the best way to improve picture quality, and SpectraCal's CalMAN 5.6 is the easiest solution for loading the calibration data."

Stop by the SpectraCal booth at IBC, stand 10.A14 in Hall 10, and have an in-depth conversation with SpectraCal's senior architects and developers. Or contact info@spectracal.com for more information.

About SpectraCal
SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions. The company provides everything needed for reference-quality calibration of video displays in broadcast, production, post-production, commercial A/V, home theater, and other industry. SpectraCal's flagship product CalMAN is the mostly widely used video calibration software in the world. Please visit www.spectracal.com for more information.

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