SVS Relocates World Headquarters

The move gives SVS additional space for design, engineering and operations as it continues to expand in the U.S. and abroad.

Youngstown, OH - September 3, 2015 - SVS, a worldwide leader in high performance home audio products, has relocated its global headquarters to Youngstown, Ohio. The move gives SVS additional space for design, engineering and operations as it continues to expand in the U.S. and abroad. Since its founding in 1998, SVS has grown from a direct-to-consumer subwoofer manufacturer selling in the U.S., to a multi-national audio company with online and retail availability across Asia, Europe and North America.

The facility upgrade comes four years after CEO Gary Yacoubian and a new management team assumed leadership of the company. During this time SVS has experienced continuous growth domestically and abroad, and established a significant retail footprint in the U.S. Additional space in the new headquarters will be used for product testing, an immersive demo area, SVS Sound Expert customer support, inventory management, executive offices and meeting space.

"SVS is in growth mode and our new facility gives us strategic operational advantages as we develop new products, meet our supply chain demands, train new dealers and expand our team," said Gary Yacoubian, CEO and president, SVS.

SVS' previous headquarters was located 10 miles away in Girard, Ohio, so the move to Youngstown means the company can retain all of its current staff, and continue sourcing local talent.

Yacoubian continued, "Ohio has been a great home for SVS, we've hired some really talented individuals who have played critical roles in helping the company grow."

Long-known for its exceptional performing subwoofers, including its iconic cylinder design, SVS now offers two high performance speaker lines, the SVS Ultra and SVS Prime Series, as well as a range of audio accessories. True to its roots, SVS has become the most recognizable subwoofer brand worldwide with sealed box, ported box and ported cylinder models routinely earning critical acclaim from reviewers and customers in multiple languages.

"This is really a watershed moment for SVS," said Yacoubian. "We've been in the previous building since I became president, and many on our team were working there even earlier, so this upgrade is exciting for everyone since it gives us more room to operate and handle the challenges that come with growth."

Since emerging in 1998, SVS has been a disruptive force in the audio industry, earning praise for selling high performance subwoofers and speakers at affordable prices. SVS products are built on passion and expertise with the best possible materials and supported across all channels by SVS Sound Experts.

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About SVS
SVS is a global leader in high performance home audio products. Founded in 1998 by a group of audio enthusiasts seeking to develop an alternative to traditional subwoofer manufacturers, SVS was forged out of a passion for the science of sound married to a disruptive, forward-facing go-to-market strategy that is redefining performance and value for people who love music and sound.

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