NEXCOM's Digital Signage Players Enrich Shopping and Queuing Experience in Hungarian Telcos

With graphics capability and content manageability from NEXCOM's NDiS 166 and NDiS 125, Magyar Telekom's retail stores in Hungary enjoy easy content upgrades while giving customers a personalized and pleasant shopping experience.

Hungarian telecom stores deploy 600 digital signage players from NEXCOM to enrich their customers' shopping experience and simplify display management. With graphics capability and content manageability from the NDiS 166 and NDiS 125, Magyar Telekom's retail stores in Hungary enjoy easy content upgrades while giving customers a personalized and pleasant shopping experience.

Boost Dwell Time & AD Exposure

As competition from physical and online stores heat up, the Hungarian telecom company seeks to increase customer visits and dwell time with bombarding adverting infomercials and a personalized in-store experience. In order to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty, the telco turns to NEXCOM's local partner to implement the nationwide sensation aimed to turn visits into revenues.

Shopping Experience Elevated with Personalized Ads & Shorter Waits

When customers enter the new store, they are instantly greeted by mesmerizing video walls playing high quality imagery, HD videos, and promotional deals. As they try out the latest gadgets or smartphones, the nearby display will be triggered and simultaneously showcase related product information and discounts, thus creating a personalized shopping experience. Incorporating queuing systems, digital signage displays deliver not only brand videos but also queue number, keeping shoppers entertained and informed at the same time.

NDiS Players Deliver Powerful Graphics & Manageability

To build a store delivering such an immersive customer experience, the Hungarian system integrator selected NEXCOM's NDiS 166 and NDiS 125 to set up the whole digital signage network. Featuring outstanding multimedia capability, the digital signage players provide excellent graphics for vibrant imagery, videos, and even mobile game demos. In addition, the high performance NDiS 166 running bespoke software ensures cross-screen synchronization required of a one by nine video wall while the NDiS 125 powers up a number of big and small digital posters and product signage.

With up to thirty players to be managed in one store, the digital signage players also deliver the benefit of centralized content update and hardware health monitoring. Leveraging the network connectivity of the NDiS 166 and 125, store managers can ensure not only that customers receive the latest information but also that all players are in good shape, up and running. Further integration with queuing and ticketing systems is carried out through the RS-232 and USB ports so that displays can show brand ads and queue numbers.

Immersive Customer Experience with Satisfaction

Thanks to the NDiS 166 and NDiS 125, Magyar Telekom is able to create a visually thrilling atmosphere to keep customers in stores. By means of providing the latest entertainment, brand video and personalized shopping experience, Magyar Telekom communicates to customers more effectively compared to using statistic posters. Satisfaction is guaranteed by the shortened wait times and visually exhilarating queue experience.

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