New, Responsive Website for is delighted to announce that their much-anticipated new website is now live.

Delivering a brand new look and feel, the new website is almost entirely programmatic. Fully responsive and with dynamic content, the site is optimized for mobile devices and will automatically reformat according to the type of device on which it is being viewed to ensure the best possible user experience; the site is, moreover, highly interactive and extremely fast.

"We're delighted with the new website," affirmed Stardraw CEO, Rob Robinson. "It's a real pleasure to use and, for technophiles like us, it's exciting to know that it exploits cutting edge technologies. For those that want to know, the site is effectively an html application built using the Angular framework which is the same framework we're using for all our new online applications. The behavior of the site applies sophisticated Angular and CSS techniques which means we can do everything that we might have done with HTML5 AND still support older browsers which might not support HTML5. The design philosophy we have applied is ‘mobile-first' and ‘cross-platform', so the new site works great with any browser on any device."

The new site also employs a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which means it's fast wherever you are in the world, and is hosted on multiple machines to offer redundancy, scalability and elasticity; as the site gets busier, more machines ‘spin up' to deal with the workload, then scale down again in quieter times. It also integrates with's administrative and accounting back-end systems, adding a new level of automation to online purchasing and order fulfilment, and in the future is intended to be the portal for customers' accounts from which to manage all of their account settings, view transaction histories, license details, downloads and more besides.

Robinson summarizes, "The cool features and techniques used on the website are the same as we're using for all of our new applications, like Stardraw Design Online. They mean that it looks good, it feels good, it's flexible, scalable and lightning-fast - what more could you want!"

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Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

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