Ivan - A Unique Combination of Home Security, Panic Button and Remote Control for Internet-Connected Things

goio.co announces the launch on Indiegogo of "Ivan".

New York, New York July 14, 2015

"I believe Ivan is the first product to combine home security with social notification, panic button and a remote control for Internet-connected things such as lights and power outlets. Ivan offers all this at a sub US$100 price point," stated Rick Spielrein, founder of goio. "Ivan is not another hub for connected devices -- Ivan provides practical, everyday functionality for less than the price of a hub."

Ivan is cordless and may be placed at a convenient location such as a bench-top. In a panic situation simply press Ivan's panic button to alert neighbors, family and friends that you need assistance. Ivan's cloud service then messages pre-defined contacts via email, Twitter, and optional SMS, and according to goio, more options will be added.

Ivan also detects movement. When the owner is away or asleep and an intruder is detected, Ivan alerts the owner, neighbors, family and friends of the intrusion.

"Many Internet-connected lighting solutions require the user to whip out their phone and launch an app just to turn on a light. So we decided to incorporate a remote control into Ivan." states Mr. Spielrein. "Ivan provides a physical interface -- good old on/off, fade up/down push-buttons -- that interoperate with IFTTT to control Internet connected lights such as hue by Philips and Internet connected power outlets such as WeMo by Belkin."

goio have also considered the developer community: This Ivan model uses the Photon P1 SoC and code from http://www.particle.io. Ivan's USB port enables technical users to re-flash Ivan's firmware. This re-flash will replace our software with developer's own code or the generic build from particle.io. Ivan also includes two analogue and two digital I/O ports. These also interoperate with IFTTT via particle.io. Connectivity to these TTL level ports is via internal solder pads. Ivan's base incorporates a snap out panel which may be modified to externalise IO cables.

"Unlike many systems, Ivan does not require a proprietary base-station. Instead Ivan communicates to the Internet via the local Wi-Fi access point present in many dwellings. This enables goio to bring Ivan to the market at the affordable price point of US$98" added Mr. Spielrein. "We believe the starting price for home automation is too high for many, otherwise potential, customers. Ivan lowers the price point and thus expands the potential market."

Ivan is available for pre-order on Indiegogo today for $98.

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With over fifty years of accumulated experience in the tech sector, the team at goio have created and commercialised in excess of twenty tech-based products, deployed in seventeen countries.

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