Indiegogo - Curb Puts You in Control of Your Electricity Bill with Home Energy Monitoring System

Production-ready Curb launches crowdfunding campaign to make homes smarter with real-time energy insights and actionable savings tips

AUSTIN, Texas--Curb, an energy technology startup, announced today its Indiegogo campaign launch for the Curb home energy intelligence system. Curb aims to make every home smarter, safer, and more efficient by monitoring everything in the home that uses electricity with one simple product. Armed with Curb's real-time and actionable insights into home energy usage, people are empowered to take control of their homes and electricity bills.

Curb is a holistic home energy intelligence solution that connects people to the home, even when they're away, to provide useful information into how and where energy is used without expensive or disruptive home renovation. Curb's sensor box easily connects to the home's circuit breaker for ongoing analysis of electricity usage. From there, Curb's sensors and powerful software algorithms identify the amount and cost of energy used by different rooms, devices, and appliances in real-time, when things are turned on or off, and even when electrical equipment starts to fail.

"The smart home promises to deliver convenience, control, and efficiency - but this isn't currently the case. Electricity is extremely important. It powers everything around you and significantly impacts how you live your life everyday, yet you have little control over it. The bill arrives months after you use that energy and it's impossible to figure out what is driving the costs," said Erik Norwood, CEO of Curb. "It's time for that to change. Curb helps people understand where their electricity is going and how it will affect the bottom line - and gives users the power to change it."

The Curb mobile application, web dashboard, and weekly email report give people the information and technology to control their energy use and provide 24/7 peace of mind about the safety and security of the home. Main features include:

* Real-time Spending Breakdown: see the amount and cost of energy being used and get a breakdown by appliance, device, or zone.
* Bill Estimates & Notifications: project electric bill based on current energy usage and find out when you're close to set thresholds.
* Safety Alerts: immediate knowledge of abnormal energy usage and potentially dangerous situations - a curling iron or stove left on.
* Remote Controls & Triggers: integration with partner platforms allows customers to control other Wi-Fi enabled products directly from the Curb app. Partners will be announced soon.
* Tailored Recommendations: Curb learns your behavior and shares personalized tips to help you save money, be safer, and be more energy efficient.
* Historical Trends: compare what's going on in your home this week to previous weeks.
* Solar System Monitoring: keep tabs on how much electricity your system is generating and if there are any malfunctions.

For the past 18 months, Curb's patent pending technology has been thoroughly tested in more than 175 homes and businesses, where users have cut their energy bills significantly. In that time, Curb has also received numerous product awards and accolades across the country.

Now, Curb is available and ready to ship in the U.S. The Curb system starts at $249. Professional packages, with sensors able to monitor up to 18 appliances, devices or zones, are also available. The free Curb mobile application, Energy Curb, is available for download through the Apple and Android stores. Orders will begin shipping in September.

Learn more and support the crowdfunding campaign running through July 21st at the Curb Indiegogo Page. See videos for customer testimonials and demos.

ABOUT CURB: An Austin-based energy tech startup founded in 2012, Curb provides insight into home electricity usage, giving users control to make their homes safer, energy efficient, and more affordable. The Curb energy management solution provides circuit-level electricity monitoring, real-time reporting and smart alerts, and remote energy controls. Support the Curb Indiegogo campaign at:

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