InfoComm - Clary Icon, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen video and collaboration hub, reveals new OneScreen user experience at InfoComm15

Clary Icon reveals new OneScreen user experience, enhancing OneScreen’s promise of barrier-free work flow. With OneScreen, all of a collaborator’s work tools, contacts, and data, are one click away.

San Diego, CA May 27, 2015

In the enterprise today, both remote and in-office teams expect to be able to work together when and how they need. Additionally, every collaborative effort, meeting, and presentation requires its own unique combination of applications, software, and platforms. OneScreen's unified access, customizable tool options, and on-demand flexibility, built with a technology agnostic approach, delivers on all of these needs in one touch, from one screen.

The new design of the OneScreen interface is the outcome of the planned product road map, ongoing customer experience feedback, the addition of OneScreen's bridging service, and increased depth of third party API integration. Select examples of OneScreen's new level of barrier-free work include:

* A single login on OneScreen accesses all unified communication tools and sets personally prioritized tool preferences for OneScreen interface
* One click connects OneScreen users to any contact irrespective of technology - H.323, SIP, PSTN, VoIP, Skype for Business, Skype, or OneScreen
* One click connects OneScreen users to any conference irrespective of host technology - Adobe Connect, WebEx, any audio conference bridge, or OneScreen
* Cross compatibility with platforms such as Acano, Pexip, BlueJeans, Polycom, Cisco, as well as Web Browsers, PSTN, Skype for Business, or Skype
* Central launch screen buttons can be reset to open any content or application in one click for individual meetings or specific presentations

"OneScreen is people-centric technology and deliberately breaks down the barriers between separate collaboration products. In the bring-your-own-technology environment we work in today, OneScreen responds to the worker's demand for access and choice, in the moment. Other collaboration technologies are not competitors in the OneScreen environment; they are an answer to the need for on-demand options," said Sufian Munir, CEO of Clary Icon.

Unlike any collaboration solution in the market today, OneScreen does not force collaborators to work with stipulated or fixed collaboration tool options. Instead, OneScreen offers its own robust video, audio, web conferencing, whiteboard, and annotation tools, while also offering simple compatibility with practically any third party productivity tool collaborators may prefer. OneScreen also provides customers with a persistent user experience across any screen in the organization from board or conference room to desktop or mobile device while concurrently delivering unified access to their teams' preferred applications, platforms, and devices.

OneScreen video and collaboration hub is available as a cloud-based service, on-premise software or on a stand-alone, multi-touch screen for the conference or classroom. In partnership with Hitachi Solutions America, Clary Icon will demonstrate the OneScreen software-as-a-service on their upgraded touch screen hardware, now available in 20", 58", 70", 84" and 90" sizes.

Find Clary Icon and Hitachi Solutions America at InfoComm15, June 17-19, 2015 in booth #1985.

About Clary Icon
When collaboration technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. Clary Icon manufactures the OneScreen™ collaboration hub for barrier-free work flow. With OneScreen, collaborators can instantly access preferred work tools, contacts, and data, to be continuously more productive. Headquartered in San Diego, Clary Icon has offices in Miami, Colombia, and Pakistan. Discover what your screen skills can do today at

About Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. is a leader in interactive presentation technology and touch software solutions. Hitachi Solutions manufactures Hitachi StarBoard software, which is licensed across multiple touch platforms to enable remote collaboration in real time, immediate access to relevant content, and unparalleled annotation capabilities over digital media. Find out more at Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., one of Japan's premier software and professional services companies.

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