Amina - Lisen to the sound of a London Apartment

Wall to wall, ceiling to the floor, inside every room in this London apartment there is a sense of perfectionism present in the interior design. The design brings about a sense of luxury, wealth and peace in one of the world's busiestcities.

Being a grade1 listed building, a great deal of planning had to be carried out before any work was started, one of the questions, which a rose, was the audio system for the space. However, this question didn't leave the installers thinking for long as they knew the perfect choice for the apartment, Amina Technologies Invisible Loudspeakers.

Amina Loudspeakers use Vibrational Panel Technology (VPT) to create high clarity audio with the loudspeakers installed within the walls or ceilings behind the chosen material. Even within a Grade 1 listed building, invisible speakers allow the interior design to remain authentic without compromising the building or the audio performance. Normally made invisible by 2mm of plaster (as seen in these pictures) there is a wide variety of materials that can be used with these speakers such as wood, wood veneer and leather.
The Evolution Series Loudspeakers accompanied with ALF Subwoofers were used inside this apartment to drive high clarity audio into each room. The two dining rooms and the reception are a utilise the AIW550i models accompanied with ALF80 bass enhancers. While the ALF80 are not invisible, the only visible indication of the product is the small porthole, which can be seen in the skirting board. Using this set up allows the room to be filled evenly over a large dynamic audio range, providing ambient backgroundmusictoenhancethediningexperience. Thesmallerrooms in the apartment, such as the kitchen and the day rooms have been fitted out with AIW350i and ALF40, to once again provide an excellent, room filling, audio solution range to each room delivering the best quality audio. Another feature, particularly applicable for the kitchen, is the protection gained once Amina loudspeakers are installed and plastered over. The speakers are effectively protected from steam and fat produced in a typical kitchen, by being covered with the 2mm final skim of plaster.
VPT loudspeakers generate sound when hundreds of tiny vibrations are created along the soundboard in a way analogous to how an acoustic musical instrument works such as violin or an acoustic guitar. The characteristics of the sound produced is therefore more akin to musical instruments. Directionality does not increase with frequency and the output radiates at almost a 180-degree angle from the wall or ceiling right across the speaker's frequency range.

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