NuTone Smart Home Series Helps Create an Innovative, Interconnected Home

NuTone’s latest product line puts the power of managing the home at homeowners’ fingertips

HARTFORD, Wis.---In today's busy world, it's easy to forget. People forget to turn off the lights at night, unplug the curling iron or even shut the garage door when leaving for vacation. But, instead of worrying about what we may have overlooked at home, wouldn't it be nice if our homes remembered for us? With the NuTone Smart Home Series, integrated home automation and management, whether from the living room couch or across the globe, is now just a click away.

The NuTone Smart Home Series provides the ultimate home automation solution, placing security, energy savings, convenience and control at one's fingertips. While some other brands lock you into their system, NuTone Smart Home Series devices work with your favorite Home Automation hub* and app.

"At NuTone, we strive to make consumers' lives easier and more efficient with our smart, interactive technologies," said Jessica Lindquist, Marketing Manager, Low Voltage/Specialty Product Categories, for Broan-NuTone. "The NuTone Smart Home Series is our next generation of product offerings that will do just that. Homeowners now have the power to manage their homes' climate, secure access to their homes, and control lighting and appliances, either automatically or with just one touch."

With a Z-Wave hub and a smartphone, homeowners are able to monitor, dim, turn on/off, open/close, schedule or automate their NuTone Smart Home Series devices, which include the Smart Garage Door Controller, Smart Outlets and Smart Lighting products.

NuTone Smart Home Series Devices

The NuTone Smart Home Series line of connected and smart devices provides homeowners with a variety of options to wirelessly automate their homes. Purchase your favorite Home Automation hub* with Z-Wave featuring industry leading security and scalability, connect it to the internet and start adding NuTone Smart Home Series devices to control.

* Smart Garage Door Controller: Wirelessly control and monitor the garage door. The Smart Garage Door Controller provides safe, secure operation, preventing unauthorized access to the home.
* Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb: Smart lighting control as easy as screwing in a bulb. The Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb automates lighting without the need for rewiring or electrical work.
* Smart Fixture Control: Operate and control virtually any electrical device or appliance without the expense or hassle of running new wiring. The Smart Fixture Control is ideal for lighting, ventilation fans, ceiling fans and more.
* Smart Wall Dimmers and Switches: Choose from the Smart Wall Switch, Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, and Smart 3-Way Wall Dimmer Switch. With one tap on your smartphone, you can group your lights to create the right mood, light an outdoor pathway, or dim lights to watch a movie.
* Smart Wall Outlet: Make anything plugged into the outlet a smart device. The Smart Wall Outlet lets homeowners automatically turn on/off appliances plugged into the outlet or schedule them.
* Smart Plug-In Dimmer Module: Make anything plugged into the module a smart device. The Smart Plug-In Dimmer Module is ideal for table and floor lamps.
* Smart Plug-In Appliance Module: Making your appliances smart is as easy as plugging in an outlet. The Smart Plug-In Appliance Module is ideal for any light-duty appliance like a coffee pot.

Setting the Scene

With the number of product options available in the NuTone® Smart Home Series and their home automation hub, homeowners are able to group various devices to create a scene, fully integrating control of their home. When returning home from work, the opening of the garage door signals the lights to turn on and the thermostat to adjust to a predetermined setting. When waking up in the morning, the touch of a button turns on the kitchen lights, sets the coffee pot into brewing mode and switches on the television to a morning news program. The options for creating a scene are unlimited, and homeowners are able to tailor their scenes to meet their specific needs.

Why Z-Wave?

The NuTone Smart Home Series was created in coordination with Nortek Security & Control Group, the No. 1 manufacturer of Z-Wave products worldwide. Z-Wave wire-free communication was designed from the ground up for home control with power, range and bandwidth all optimized for the home. Z-Wave devices offer secure communication by the same industry standard encryption used in online banking. These devices are scalable by working with other Z-wave devices in your home to ensure full coverage, reducing and eliminating dead spots in even the largest homes. All NuTone Smart Home Series devices are guaranteed to work with most certified Z-Wave hubs.

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