Doesn't Every Customer Deserve White Glove Service?

PS will offer White Glove Delivery at no charge to customers within the continental US who purchase components direct from the factory.

May 5th, 2015 Boulder, CO-- Moving heavy audio gear is often challenging, and rarely fun. Veteran audio manufacturer PS Audio, launching a hefty new 92-pound amplifier, was faced with the prospect of customers wrestling with such a beast. The possibility of injury to either the customer or the amp was unacceptable.

The solution was to literally take the job out of the customer's hands, in a move unique in high-end audio.

Starting with the BHK Signature 250 and 300 Amplifiers, PS will offer White Glove Delivery at no charge to customers within the continental US who purchase components direct from the factory. Experienced, licensed and bonded local movers will bring the new amplifier or other component into the home, unbox it and place it where the customer wishes. The carton will be placed by the movers or recycled, as the customer wishes. If the customer has arranged a trade-in for his new product, the movers will box it up and return it to the PS Audio factory.

And that's it: no wrestling, no hassles. Delivery time will be arranged with the customer by phone or email. While the BHK Signature Amplifiers will be the first PS products offered with White Glove Delivery, the service will be offered in some form for all PS Audio components purchased direct from the factory, and shipped within the continental US.

"We've always supported our owners, and White Glove Delivery helps us do that from the first day of ownership," said PS Audio Founder and CEO Paul McGowan. "Our goal is to enable more people to enjoy music in their homes."

About PS Audio: Founded in 1973, PS Audio has a worldwide following and a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative, high-value, leading-end audio products. Our design and core manufacturing facilities are in Boulder, Colorado, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. While our engineering staff is second to none, PS is not constrained by NIH Syndrome: recent products have included design input from industry gurus Ted Smith and Bascom H. King.

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