Tiny 4K Scaler and Video Enhancement System Improves Picture Quality with Professional 4K Adaptive Scaling, Noise Reduction and Resolution Enhancement Technology

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 29, 2015 -DVDO, Inc., an award-winning provider of high-quality, high-definition (HD) video processing, switching and connectivity solutions, today announced the iScan Micro, a compact video enhancement system that automatically improves the picture quality of SD and HD content. The iScan Micro incorporates VRS ClearView technology, which features a studio-grade 4K Ultra HD adaptive scaling engine, as well as other noise reduction and picture enhancement technologies. The scaling engine processes video and graphics content independently, delivering outstanding picture quality on 4K and Full HD displays. The iScan Micro will be available in late Q2 2015 for an MSRP of $129 through authorized DVDO distributors, dealers and online partners.

iScan Micro's powerful video processing technologies work seamlessly to improve picture quality from highly compressed sources such as Internet streaming or downloaded content. iScan Micro features three selectable enhancement modes, automatic scaling, and an extremely small case which allows iScan Micro to be hidden behind any TV.

"Since most home content is still 1080p resolution or below, iScan Micro is exactly what consumers need to ensure their 4K TV displays brilliant UHD content," said Doug Fealtman, general manager of DVDO, Inc. "Poor-quality scaling and blocky Internet video reduce video quality; by simply adding iScan Micro to the back of the TV, consumers can get the best possible picture and realize their investment in a leading-edge TV."

The iScan Micro is small enough to be placed behind an existing TV. It can be used as a stand-alone device to improve the picture quality on any display, but is also the perfect companion to a video processor or switcher such as DVDO's Quick6.

iScan Micro Features:

-VRS ClearView Technology
-4K Ultra HD Adaptive Scaling (HDMI® 2.0)
-Edge and Detail Enhancement
-Video Smoothing
-Mosquito Noise Reduction
-IR input port
-Dedicated remote buttons for easy mode changes

(Included in package - from top to bottom): USB Charger, iScan Micro, Remote, IR Extender

More information about DVDO's extensive line of home theater video connectivity solutions can be found at www.dvdo.com.

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About DVDO, Inc.
DVDO, Inc., a Lattice Semiconductor company, delivers award-winning video connectivity solutions for professional installers and end users. DVDO's video switchers, wireless adapters and video processors feature advanced technologies to provide professional-quality video from multiple sources across a wide range of displays. For more information, visit www.dvdo.com.

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