The Fusion5s, a residential adaptation of the company's award-winning Fusion5 booster.

FREMONT, Calif., April 2, 2015 - SureCall, a leading maker of cell phone signal boosters, has

announced the Fusion5s, a residential adaptation of the company's award-winning Fusion5
booster. Offered at a lower price point, the Fusion5s has been modified for residential
applications while still incorporating the company's patented 5-band technology. The new
booster carries a MAP of $850.00, and is available now.

"The demands on boosters in the residential environment are different than those in small to
mid-size offices," said Hongtao Zhan, SureCall's founder and CEO. "We were able to modify the
Fusion5s to meet residential demand at a lower price without sacrificing signal strength."

Like the Fusion5, the Fusion5s provides up to 72 dB of signal gain by combining PCS and
Cellular frequency bands, AWS, and two LTE frequencies for a complete 2G/3G/4G voice and
data signal enhancement solution that covers areas of up to 6,000 square feet and supports as
many as 10 simultaneous users. The Fusion5s also offers the latest network protection features,
as well as energy-saving technology that allows the booster's uplink circuitry to go dormant
when not in use.

Each Fusion5s kit comes with an outside antenna, an inside antenna, the Fusion5s booster and
two lengths of SureCall 400 coaxial cable for connecting the components. Standard kit options
include a choice of either a directional yagi antenna or an onmi-directional outdoor antenna as
well as a choice of either a dome or panel inside antenna.

Like all SureCall boosters, the Fusion5s is covered by an industry best three-year warranty and
is FCC and carrier approved.

About SureCall
SureCall, the innovation leader in cellular booster technology, specializes in the design and
manufacturing of cell phone signal boosters and accessories. These systems dramatically improve cell
phone reception for homes, mobile settings and businesses, such as Chrysler, Hewlett-Packard, Exxon
Mobile, and Newell Rubbermaid as well as other major institutions, such as the U.S. Military and State
Department as well as Stanford, Duke and Wake Forest Universities.

The company's line of FCC-approved boosters for personal, commercial and industrial use, increase the
range and reception of almost any cellular call and/or data transmission. Founded in 2001 and based in
the Silicon Valley, SureCall is an industry leader with multiple patents and patents-pending on their
superior signal booster technology. The company continues to develop innovative new products that
address the changing needs of all types of cellular and mobile broadband users. For more information,

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