SupplyStream Makes Giant Leap With New Product Search Technology; Announces Future API for Partners

The new and completely redesigned search technology makes it easier than ever for dealers to access all of their product data and pricing

March 31, 2015 - SupplyStream, the web-based platform that aggregates industry products and suppliers into a single website for dealers, announced today the launch of its newly developed catalog. The new catalog has a clean uncluttered design and drastically improved search capabilities. The updates go live for dealers today, March 31, 2015 at

"Our latest catalog improvements reflect the feedback we received from dealers after more than a year of their engagement with our platform" said Founder & CEO, Kirk Chisholm. "We found that the most important thing to dealers is a great search tool, so we threw away our existing search technology and re-built it from the ground up. An entire industry of products is now searchable from a single search box that rivals even the best e-commerce websites. Dealers can now manipulate their catalog by typing any combination of product attributes. We are also excited to announce that we will be making this technology available to our partners so dealers can stream their custom catalog and pricing from within third-party applications."

The SupplyStream back-end has been completely rebuilt. Among the newly redesigned platform features are:

● Enhanced UI - Improved filters & greater screen real-estate
● Unique Search Results Layout - Search results are displayed in real-time as users type. Results are displayed on a single page, there is no need to browse by category.
● New Home Page - The new content on the SupplyStream homepage educates the dealer on exactly what SupplyStream does and the benefits it provides.
● API Access for Partners - A modern API (application programming interface) will be made available to approved software partners. This will allow dealers to access their customized product and pricing catalog from within other industry software tools. Contact for program details.

A 4 minute video demonstrating SupplyStream's impressive new search capabilities is now available online:

Wistia (Preferred):
YouTube (Alternate):

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