Popularity of Mirage Audio System yields lower cost, enhanced dealer profitability and significantly lowered MSRP

Armonk, NY. March 17, 2015 - Autonomic, makers of the finest whole-house music systems has reported that record breaking sales in 2014 and the growing popularity of the Mirage Audio System has enabled the company to leverage economies of scale in raw materials acquisition and assembly which it is passing on to its dealers and their customers.

The Mirage Audio System (MAS for short) is a combination of Mirage Music Players and Mirage Audio Amplifiers. There are several whole-house audio packages available with as few as four audio zones all the way up to an unlikely, but impressive 96 zones.

Autonomic offers two intelligent whole-house amplifier solutions-one with outputs for four stereo zones (M-400) and the other with outputs for eight stereo zones (M-800). Both amplifiers deliver 100-Watts per zone. Mirage amplifiers also offer an array of source inputs (6 on the M-400, 8 on the M-800) and include extensive zone linking capabilities. In addition to connecting an Autonomic Mirage Music Player, the supplemental inputs enable easy integration of sources such as a cable or satellite set top box, CD player or other devices. As a complete central sound solution, the Mirage Audio System is the best choice for integrators.

"We introduced amplifiers and the Mirage Audio System package concept in 2013 to complement our extremely popular music servers", said Michael de Nigris, Autonomic CEO and Co-Founder. "MAS sales have grown to the point where we were able to increase the efficiency of acquisition and assembly to such a great extent that we're actually able to widen dealer profit margins while also reducing MSRP. It's a huge win for our network of custom integrators as well as their customers."

Autonomic now offers package pricing that's actually less expensive on a cost per zone basis than the most popular consumer oriented wireless systems.

"Unlike consumer products that don't scale with system size, the Mirage Audio System realizes a cost per zone efficiency as it grows," said de Nigris. "Most consumer products cost in the neighborhood of $500 per zone, and that cost per zone remains whether you're installing two zones or 20. With packages starting at $399 [MSRP] per-zone, Autonomic is delivering more features and better performance than the competition at competitive prices, and, our products are sold exclusively through the custom integration channel."

Autonomic also introduced a new premier dealer program that provides enhanced benefits to dedicated integrators of all sizes supporting the Mirage Audio System. Perks such as enhanced margins, demo system discounts, and free shipping are intended to reward dealers for growing their business with the Autonomic brand.

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