Both Streamer and System Line for Whole House Audio Distribution

Ft. Collins, CO, March 10, 2015 - CasaTunes, the leader in streaming multi-room music solutions, announced four new products for multi-room music with the CT-4+ System, CT-8+ System, CT-4S Streamer and CT-8S Streamer. The two CasaTunes Systems are complete multi-room audio systems, including the server, audio streams and audio distribution switch, everything is inside the one CasaTunes music system, perfect for new home construction. The CasaTunes Streamers include the server and music streams ideal for homes that want to add streaming music options to existing audio distribution systems.

"CasaTunes offers solutions for homes from as few as 3 wired rooms up to 24 wired rooms. All CasaTunes systems are expandable via CasaTunes' built-in wireless capability adding up to 10 additional wireless speakers and devices," said David Krinker, CEO of CasaTunes. "CasaTunes enables homeowners to not only switch between traditional music systems like CD players and tuners but also Internet based music and music stored on computers, tablets and smart phones."

All four new CasaTunes products are housed in a slick new compact chassis that is low power, super quiet and high quality. Each have analog preamp stereo outputs and one digital optical output, plus up to ten wired or wireless Apple AirPlay rooms. All outputs are lossless CD quality. All four new products include 1TB of internal storage for the homeowner's music.

The CT-4+ System has five internal streaming music players and one external input for a tuner or other external source. The CT-4+ has four analog stereo outputs and one digital output. The CT-8+ has nine internal streaming players and two external inputs, eight analog outputs and one digital output.

The CT-4S Streamer has five internal players, four analog streams and one digital stream. The CT-8S has nine internal players, eight analog streams and one digital stream.

All four products include a large selection of music services from Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark, SiriusXM and many other internet providers, as well as the ability to play music from the customer's collection of iTunes and/or Windows Media music.

Powered by CasaTunes Air, an intelligent multi-room switch for Apple Airplay, CasaTunes can seamlessly stream music from any popular music App from one or more iOS devices to any room. Listening to music is as simple as choosing your favorite music App and selecting your room, all on your iPad or iPhone. Plus, with CasaTunes Air, homeowners can easily expand their existing whole house music system by adding networked and wireless speakers as needed.

CasaTunes integration is available for Control4, RTI, OnControls and Loxone home automation systems. The new CT-4+ and CT-4S start at $1,495 and the CT-8+ and CT-8S start at $1,995. All are immediately available through CasaTunes' network of system integrator partners or direct from CasaTunes.

About CasaTunes
CasaTunes designs flexible wired and wireless multi-room audio systems for distributing iTunes and Windows Media disc based music, Internet radio, and Internet based music services throughout the home. The CasaTunes multi-room systems support as few as 3 and as many as 24-wired rooms, with up to an additional 10 wireless rooms. CasaTunes also offers music streamers designed to supply streams to and control of RTI, Audio Authority, Channel Vision, Nuvo, Russound, and SpeakerCraft multi-room systems. CasaTunes systems integrate well with popular control systems such as Roomie, On Controls, RTI, Control4, Loxone and Key Digital. Founded in 2006, CasaTunes is a privately held entity headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado with offices in Florida. Visit for more information.

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