On Controls Offers New Features and Functionality to Enhance User Experience

New lighting and camera modules plus advanced features and increased speed highlight latest software revision

Detroit, MI March 4th, 2015 - On Controls (www.oncontrols.com), a leader in cloud-based smart home and commercial control solutions for professional installers, has announced today the addition of new modules, faster performance and an array of advanced functionality enhancements as part of the latest software revision.

"We are always seeking to make the On Controls user experience better, faster and compatible with a broad range of connected technologies," explained On Controls CEO Itai Ben-Gal. "The faster module load times, a vast array of new lighting and camera technologies along with other enhancements will enable our integrators to deliver the most comprehensive smart home experience to their customers," Ben-Gal added.

Lighting Control Module

On Controls is excited to be partnering with CentraLite for the release of the CentraLite Elegance Lighting System module. The Elegance Lighting System is now supported on both the iOS and Android versions of the On Controls app. Simply add the new module into the On Controls builder software to create the ultimate automated lighting solution. Customized lighting scenes programmed within the Elegance system are also supported within this new module.

Camera Modules

The On Controls platform is now compatible with an array of cameras listed below. Available for both iOS and Android versions of the On Controls app, the camera modules enable integrators to enhance home security for their clients via streaming local and remotely accessed camera feeds available on their mobile devices. Android customers now have full camera support including older analog cameras, fixed, moving, outdoor and indoor cameras as well as the Foscam SD cameras that were not compatible in past versions. List of compatible cameras:

• ACTI (model 440)

• Channel Vision (model 6532)

• Axis Cameras (P55 series)

• IC RealTime (model ICIPD2000AIR)

• Grand Stream (model GXV3662)

• LILIN (model IPS5184 / IPS5188)

• Foscam SD & HD

• SnapAV

Additional Feature Enhancements

The On Controls On Link hardware is now locked to prevent application of unauthorized IR, Serial or Relay components that are not sold by On Controls dealers. This feature enables integrators to ensure the highest quality, most reliable and longest lasting smart home installations for their customers. As another enhancement for integrators, On Controls license codes are now available for convenient purchase and redemption from On Controls distributors as an alternative to using Paypal or a credit card within the On Controls account manager.

About On Controls: On Controls brings the convenience, luxury and security of advanced control and automation technology for residential and commercial applications to the Apple and Android phones and tablets already familiar to millions of users. An award-winning Wi-Fi-based platform, On Controls leverages the efficiency of the cloud, enabling integrators to deliver more features and better service to their commercial and connected home clients. From a single room to the largest applications, On Controls allows integrators to initialize, upgrade, add new features and sync remote setups to a client's tablet or phone via a web portal from anywhere in the world. On Controls is an intuitive, reliable, robust, and reboot-free system that will simplify your life! www.oncontrols.com

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