Nyrius Updates ARIES Home+, Wireless HD Transmitter with Enhanced Streaming Capabilities

The ARIES Home+ is available now

NIAGRA FALLS, ON - Feb. 25, 2015 - Nyrius' updated ARIES Home+, available now, is the ideal wireless HD audio and video transmitter for users in need of a simple and efficient solution for streaming media. Updated with 2x HDMI inputs and loop-through HDMI, the new ARIES Home+ brings added streaming capabilities and convenience to any home entertainment set-up.

The ARIES Home+ gives users the freedom to easily and seamlessly stream uncompressed 1080p HD content from a user's Blu-ray/DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver, laptop, or gaming console.

The new ARIES Home+ features include 2x HDMI inputs which allow users to connect two sources, such as a cable box and PS4, to the transmitter and switch easily between them without the need to disconnect one when not in use. Additionally, the new loop-through feature allows users to stream the same content on one HDTV to another in two different areas of the home, giving users the ability to stream the same content in two different environments.

ARIES Home+ Features

The plug and play ARIES Home+ transmits a long range signal through walls, ceilings and floors from up to 100 feet in real-time with zero latency. Additionally, it streams surround sound audio and is 3D compatible to accommodate for advancements in home entertainment.

Also included in the ARIES Home+ is an infrared extender. The included extender allows users to control the device from any area of the home with ease. Change channels, pause movies or adjust volume by simply pointing the remote control at the receiver and pressing the corresponding remote control's button. This allows users to hide HD devices or relocate them to an optimal location in the home without compromising functionality.

The ARIES Home+ is available now for $249.99 at Nyrius.com.

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