DEHNcube AC - 50kA Series - UL Type1 Listed AC SPD for all UL applications

The new UL Listed Type 1 Surge Protective Device (SPD) from DEHN, the world leader in lightning and surge protection, protects equipment from voltage transients caused by occurrences within the ac power system, or by lightning events. The DEHNcube AC has a 50,000 Amp discharge capability and comes in a NEMA 4X enclosure rated for outdoor or indoor installation. It is provided with integrated LEDs that indicate its operational status. Ideally suited for protecting residential, commercial, industrial, HVAC systems, refrigeration and many other systems that use AC power, the DEHNcube AC is the perfect choice for protecting your AC power system investments.

"The new DEHNcube AC SPD is ready for fast and simple installation anywhere in a low voltage AC power system typically found in the Americas," per Bernhard Stadlmann, President DEHN Inc. "With its short circuit current (ISCCR) rating of 200 kA, the UL Listed DEHNcube AC can be installed anywhere in the AC power system without the need for additional fusing. This feature alone saves on installation costs by eliminating fuses/breakers and their holders. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical equipment is protected by the enhanced performance of the DEHNcube AC due to its outstanding technical features. The DEHNcube AC is a strong arrester having a nominal discharge current (In) of 20 kA (8/20 μs) and a maximum discharge current (Imax) of 50 kA (8/20 μs) making it ready for long-term service even in the most active lightning prone areas."

The DEHNcube AC has robust environmental specifications for both humidity and temperature range allowing the product to be installed in all but the harshest environmental conditions. The compact NEMA 4X enclosure provides a visual indicator with LED to easily recognize the operational status of the SPD as well as notification of the arrester being attached to the power system.

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About DEHN Inc.

DEHN Inc. is an American company focused on providing high quality surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment solutions. DEHN Inc. is part of the market leader DEHN, a globally active family-owned electro-technical company headquartered in Germany and focused on the reliable protection of buildings, electrical and electronic systems and human capital. The company's continuous growth is based on more than 100 years of tradition, innovation and experience as well as highest quality standards and consistent customer and market orientation throughout the world.

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