Essence: 2014 Was Landmark Year for Internet of Things (IoT), 2015 to Continue Trend

Service providers profit as consumers increasingly embrace the advantages of connected-home solutions

Herzliya, Israel - Dec 18, 2014 -Essence, the leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected-living solutions, predicts another year of solid growth for the Internet of Things and Smart Solutions for the connected life.

"2014 saw rapid growth across the connected home space, including significant investments from big players like Google and Apple. Similarly, Essence expanded our customer base of WeR@HomeTM, launching complete solutions for security service providers and telecom operators," says Haim Amir, PhD, Chairman and CEO of Essence. "'Simple,' 'easy to use,' and 'value' are driving consumer interest and sales, which is why they've always been the focus of our solutions."

Essence has defined the One PlayTM framework, giving service providers the flexibility to tailor a complete range of hardware, software, and services that meet consumers' needs, quickly and conveniently, providing significant value for home security and safety, home automation, remote home management, and home care for the elderly. Essence has been recognized with the European Consumer's Choice Award for 2014 and the Broadband Infovision Award for the WeR@HomeTM home service innovation.

Over the past year, Essence released the fourth version of the WeR@HomeTM multi-service platform and inked agreements with a host of large clients, including G4S, Protect Australia, Gulfstream, Global European Telecom, Elkotek, SecuritySat, and others. Several strategic customers using EverGuardTM, the leading professional security solution, have also profited by bundling it with Essence's products.

Essence launched Care@HomeTM, an innovative solution that helps seniors maintain their independence while providing peace of mind for them and their family members. Its unique algorithms learn seniors' behavioral patterns and alerts professionals and select family members via an app if there's any deviation from their daily routines. Care@HomeTM's first customer, Natali, the largest healthcare provider in Israel, has almost doubled its ARPU levels by offering the solution as part of a suite of services.

"For more than 20 years, we've adopted and implemented key principles of superb customer experience, high quality, and reliability to develop innovative, affordable solutions that are attractive to mass adoption," said Dr. Amir. "As a B2B2C provider, we believe our partner service providers will see significant growth in customer adoption rates by providing valuable services in the connected home, using our modular, cost-effective solutions."

About Essence
Essence is a global M2M provider of scalable, end-to-end connected-living solutions for security, communication, and healthcare service providers. Over the past 20 years, Essence has built an impressive installed base, with more than 10 million products deployed and used by Tier-1 service providers worldwide. Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that both enhance partners' businesses and enable people to live fuller and better lives.

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