Simplify the Connected Home with the NUZii Smart Hub

Control all of your connected devices from one small hub and user-friendly dashboard

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - November 19, 2014- Launching today on Kickstarter is the world's first smart-life hub. NUZii merges features from multiple devices into one, easy-to-use smart device. The 4" tall gadget functions as a cloud storage device, a smart home hub, an audio streamer, a home security system, and a router that protects you online. NUZii even has a self-learning feature which can be used to control home temperature, start a coffee maker in the morning, play the user's favorite music, and many other commands.

"We've seen an influx of connected devices that all do amazing things, but they all function independently," said Simon Watfa, Creator of NUZii. "We've created a product that will harness the power of these smart devices and allow users to control them from one central location."

Features include:

*Smart Home Hub: NUZii is the world's smallest smart home hub. Supporting a lot of the existing appliances in the market, the possibilities are endless. Using NUZii's proprietary app or the desktop interface, users can control any connected home device: change the temperature, turn on music, dim lights and more.

*Home Security: The built-in webcam allows NUZii to monitor a home at all times. Using motion detection technology, NUZii is able to detect movement inside a home, even if the user is not there. If movement is noticed, a live feed will pop up on the user's smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

*Wireless Music: NUZii is also a compact streaming device. Connect the NUZii to any speaker system and enjoy wireless streaming of your songs from any device.

*Cloud Sharing: Share and backup important files or folders by connecting a USB stick to the NUZii. The files will be securely accessible online through your own private cloud. DLNA support creates the ability to stream media to the TV. NUZii also has an integrated download manager, so users can schedule and download any file from the internet.

*Internet Security: Connecting the NUZii to broadband using the Ethernet port will create a secure Wi-Fi network. NUZii is the world's first portable ad blocking and malware prevention device. It also supports TOR which allows you to be anonymous and hide your exposure online for ultimate privacy.

A proprietary mobile app and desktop application will function as the command center from which users can manage their NUZii as well as download additional features from the NUZii app store. NUZii will open the SDK to developers, allowing them to create their own apps for NUZii.

Early bird pledges start at $75 and the expected retail price is $130. Check out a video about NUZii here:

About NUZii
NUZii aims to change the way people interact with the digital world through innovative products designed to make life simpler. Using breakthrough technology, NUZii is creating a new category of electronics that will one day become a part of everyday life. The future is now with NUZii.

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